Anxiety disorder, in fact, includes the worrying mental illness. It attacks people and it may get severe.

Recently, some people ask about the generalized anxiety disorder medication which is safe. Calm down! Apparently, there are numerous effective treatments to overcome this hidden illness. Well, it is a hidden or silent illness as most people unconscious or feels shame with their condition.

Please, do not be embarrassed if you want to be okay again. Just tell to your credible people to get the right medication for generalized anxiety disorder immediately.

Knowing the Generalized Anxiety Disorder Medication from the Basic

Well, it will talk about general anxiety disorder. Where you want to start your search? Usually, it should begin from the most basic thing such as the definition. Then, it continues to more advanced information such as the symptoms and so on.

generalized anxiety disorder treatment without medication

If you have understood them well, you will be easy to find the safest generalized anxiety disorder medication.  By the way, that is what you are going to do today. Let’s do it!

In a short time, you must know the definition of generalized anxiety disorder. General anxiety disorder (GAD) is the condition where the sufferer is not afraid of certain things or situations.

Apparently, GAD is different from other types of anxiety disorders because it often develops first in middle-aged people.

Meanwhile, another anxiety disorder can affect people of all ages. Hopefully, it can answer the question of what is generalized anxiety disorder definition.

This disorder can even take a large emotional toll and cause a number of physical symptoms. When they are experiencing GAD, they are drowsy, there is muscle tension, and the heartbeat is beating fast. Being in a state of constant worry is tiring, but you don't need to be sad.

At present, there are various treatments that can help reduce anxiety to a tolerant level.

3 Methods as the Safest Generalized Anxiety Disorder Medication

In this page, there are 3 methods to heal or at least reduce your GAD. Here, the first method comes from the individual itself. Then, it offers the second method of CBT (cognitive behavior treatment).

Lastly, medicine as a safe generalized anxiety disorder medication. Well, let's reveal those methods one by one in order to get clearer information.


generalized anxiety disorder treatment guidelines

Roughly, what do you can do to overcome your disorder? It turns out you should not be involved in solving your problem. You should try to treat it naturally first. You can start this natural generalized anxiety treatment through these guidelines:

• Explore your own fears
Try to manage your own fears using books or information from the internet. Learn some relaxation techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training, or yoga. They are quite effective for managing your own anxiety disorder without having to study it in scientific studies.

Actually, relaxation techniques are part of psychological care so you can try how effective you are doing it yourself.

• Using herbal sedatives
You can try some herbal sedatives such as valerian, lavender or passion flower. Indeed there has not been much research on this product but many people believe this.

At least, they consider herbal medicines to be more tolerable and safer than other types of drugs. Unfortunately, they may also have side effects and can affect the effects of other drugs.

Psychology treatment

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Usually, people start looking for professional help after they experience anxiety disorders for a very long time. The second medication for anxiety chooses psychology treatment through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). 

Nowadays, they still become the best and most effective. The benefits of CBT are more than helping to reduce anxiety but this can also help overcome symptoms of depression. 

However, these symptoms may accompany general anxiety disorders. CBT can sometimes be very sad because this therapy involves your fear directly. However, the side effects of psychological care have not been well studied.

Then, how do you do this cognitive approach? This therapy will change your mindset that triggers anxiety by learning:

• Identify unrealistic anxiety and fear and even challenge you

• Give an assessment of the actual possibilities and consequences of things that trigger anxiety

• Overcome insecurity.

For your information that psychology treatment is not only with CBT. There are therapies that involve slowly reducing your anxiety level in certain situations and changing your behavior. 

The second generalized anxiety disorder and depression medication are still through your fears. 

Through this therapy, you will learn to face and overcome your fear gradually.

To facilitate your efforts in changing your behavior, use several learning techniques. You can do breathing exercises or relaxation techniques to stay calm. 

By the way, another type of psychological treatment is to focus on finding possible causes of anxiety. You can remember whether there were childhood events that caused trauma.

Medical treatment

treatment for generalized anxiety disorder medication

The third is the medical treatment where it should be the last way after the previous methods fail. As the last generalized anxiety disorder medication, you must choose the best and safest. Below, it has some medicines which are safer than the common options. You can start to choose:

1. Selective serotonin retrieval inhibitors (SSRIs)
This is an antidepressant to relieve anxiety symptoms and reduce depressive symptoms that often accompany anxiety disorders. 

However, this drug is not suitable for everyone. There are even some side effects such as nausea, insomnia, and sexual dysfunction. Escitalopram and paroxetine are two commonly used SSRIs.

2. Selective norepinephrine reuse inhibitor (SNRI)
You can use duloxetine and venlafaxine. However, they also have effects similar to SSRIs.

3. Pregabalin
The main use of this drug is to treat nerve-related pain. However, the third generalized anxiety disorder treatment has been approved as GAD treatment. Apparently, several studies have shown that this drug is effective but often causes dizziness and fatigue.

4. Opipramol
This antidepressant is still in the research phase for its effectiveness. Therefore, it is still very rare to recommend this medicine.

5. Buspirone
This drug can eliminate anxiety and become an ineffective SSRI replacement. Side effects of buspirone may include sleepiness, nausea, and sleep problems.

6. Hydroxyzine
Medications that enter the Antihistamine may also reduce the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. However, this also includes generalized anxiety disorder drug of choice which has less use.

7. Benzodiazepines
Benzodiazepines are sedatives that also help relieve anxiety and have a fast effect. However, there is a risk of being dependent on them after only a few weeks of use. 

Apparently, many people do not recommend or ask to avoid using benzodiazepines for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorders. That's all because of the unclear side effects.

The conclusion of the discussion above is, there are 3 methods as generalized anxiety disorder best medication. You can start from the easiest and cheapest way such as the self-treatment. 

Even, it also becomes the safest treatment for GAD. Be careful to take medical treatment because some of them do not get a good recommendation. Even, it is better to avoid them.