Not all people have good sympathy toward someone who suffers an anxiety disorder. Instead, people with an anxiety disorder and attack need aid immediately. Apparently, mastering how to help someone having an anxiety attack is very important.

So, you can be the number one giving aid when you meet someone is getting an anxiety attack. Likely, some people think that it is not an illness, in fact, it is more than what they think.

From now, you should open your heart and understand this condition. Master how to help someone with anxiety to start your action!

How to help Someone having An Anxiety Attack in 7 Steps

Helping someone who is getting an anxiety attack is not easy and you must be patient. Sometimes, how to help someone having an anxiety attack is not a guarantee of success.

The failure may happen as long as you cannot control your emotion or not be patient. How many ways or steps to restore their condition as before quickly?

Do not be hurry because you need to know what anxiety attack is and the symptoms. Without those points, you will be difficult to know that they are getting this disorder.

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Anxiety is actually not something bad and humans need this taste for various things. With anxiety, you will still feel and focus. In fact, it can motivate you to solve problems. How could this happen?

It is because anxious is the body's natural alarm system when you feel uncomfortable. It can come from yourself who feels threatened, under pressure, or faces a stressful situation.

By the way, that is the definition from the anxiety which does not include a disorder. Meanwhile, the disorder itself also shows some physical symptoms such as below:

stomach ache
frequent urination
tremor and twitching
tense muscles
difficult to focus
easy to be angry
tense and anxious
sensitive to potential dangerous
easily surprised
empty mind

How can anxiety be a serious disorder for someone?

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That feeling becomes a problem for someone when anxiety and fear interfere with your daily routine and functions. Anxiety disorders can be frightening, disturbing, and debilitating and even think that they have life-threatening diseases. 

Apparently, it takes up to several months or years and a lot of frustration before getting the right diagnosis.

There are so many symptoms emerging from the people who are getting an anxiety attack. So, what do you should do when you suddenly see one of these conditions? 

Okay, here are 7 steps how to support someone during an anxiety attack:

1. Be an open and friendly person
You must tell them that you are there to support them.

2. Validate their experience
Never underestimate their anxiety disorder to think it is stupid and not basic. Instead, you have to convince them that anxiety can heal even if it's difficult.

3. Direct them to seek professional help
Recommend them to visit their doctor so they can get options for support.

4. Recommend Online Therapy
You can recommend online tools as relevant support options based on what the person wants to help.

5. Challenge their thinking

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The next step is to challenge their minds. You can ask if there are other ways to look at a situation while still validating their anxiety.

6. Encourage to face their fears
Continue to give the enthusiasm to face their fears instead of avoiding them. Assure them that they can overcome their fears by facing them directly. However, you must still offer support to them when they do it.

7. Celebrate their success

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Do not forget to celebrate their success because what they have done actually requires a hard struggle. Certainly, it is not easy to make decisions to deal with their fears. Therefore, congratulate them and do something fun together. They must feel proud of themselves and begin to be confident to overcome this problem.

Well, those what you can do as the best how to help someone having an anxiety attack. Definitely, everyone can do it easily and quickly as soon as someone getting this disorder.

6 How to Ground Someone having a Panic Attack Treatment

Do you think that panic and anxiety are similar?

In fact, both are different disorder though they have many similar symptoms. 

Unfortunately, anxiety attack symptoms are more difficult to lose in an instant and can last for days, or months. 

The anxiety disorder itself covers six kinds of psychological disorders. 

There are generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), phobias, social anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic disorder (PTSD). 

Thus, panic attacks are a hereditary condition of anxiety attacks with more specific characteristics.

For the record, the terms "panic attack" and "anxiety attack" are very different things. 

Literally, panic attacks occur spontaneously and not as a reaction to a stressful situation. 

This attack occurs without reason and is unpredictable. As long as a panic attack takes place, someone will feel in an extraordinary terror and fear. They feel like they will die, lose control of their body and mind, or have a heart attack. 

Feeling worried about the appearance of the next panic attack will also haunt them.

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For your information, how to help someone who is having an anxiety attack and a panic attack is different.

If you want to know and learn it, precisely, you read 15 symptoms below:

1. Heartbeats fast or heart rate is fast
2. Heavy sweat
3. Trembling or shivering
4. Breathless sensation or difficulty breathing
5. Feel choking or choking
6. Chest feels painful or uncomfortable
7. Stomach fluctuations or nausea
8. Head blazing, losing balance, even fainting
9. Dereisasi and depersonalization namely feeling separate from the body or reality
10. Like losing control of the body
11. Feeling crazy
12. Fear will die
13. Numbness or paresthesia
14. Cold or hot sweat
15. The body is red and warm

Just like anxiety attacks, panic attacks must get help immediately. Here are 6 how to help someone from having a panic attack:

1. Know this history
Before giving help, ask the person if they have had a panic attack before. Then, ask what they think can help them.

2. Calm through breathing
Ask them to breathe as slowly and deeply as possible so that they are calmer.

3. Countdown
Ask them to count down slowly from 100 to ease the panic.

4. Restore their comfort
Help them to feel comfortable by asking them to sit or lie down.

5. Give them confidence

how to help someone having a panic attack through text

You must continue to convince them that they are panicking and that it will disappear.

6. Contact help
You can ask for help by calling 000 if the symptoms continue or get worse.

Okay, those are how to help someone having an anxiety attack and a panic attack.

Nowadays, you can help everyone who is getting anxiety and panic attacks. Do it for your lovely people around you and whoever needs it! Your presence and assistance mean a lot to them.