Anxiety is kind of feeling afraid, uncomfy, and worried. All people including you must have felt anxiety whether they are going to do something new. However, if you are into anxiety too much, it is abnormal; it may be a disease. You may know it as an anxiety disorder which may even danger your life. To treat it, you need anxiety meds. You need to learn how to get anxiety mediation so that you might find the right treatment.

Every person must have different symptoms. Therefore, it is a must to do an anxiety test first. It is a good solution to know what kind of anxiety you have and which anti-anxiety meds match your need.

Proper Ways of How to Get Anxiety Mediation

If you are asking about how to get anxiety medication, you come to the right page. Here are three proper ways to get suitable anxiety meds. Let’s check it out below!

1. Visit the Doctor or a Mental Health Professional

How to Get Anxiety Medication

To get medication for anxiety and depression, it is best to see your doctor. Start with visiting a physician. Tell him what your fear is. Be honest about your symptoms, lately mood, and your anxiety. This will make the doctor easy to give you a diagnosis.

You, then, may start discussing what kind of the proper meds and treatments for you. If you think the doctor does not help you, go visit the Mental Health Professional

A mental health professional may be varied. He includes a psychiatrist, occupational therapist, clinical psychologist, and social worker, therapist. Go for the right mental health professional who you think he suits your need.

Then, you will be able to discuss various topic to diagnose your anxiety level. Soon, you will know what anxiety treatment and meds to recover your disease.

2. Choose the Anxiety Med

The doctor will indeed know what kind of best treatment for anxiety among all. However, you need to ask some questions about the meds suggested. 

Ask him how long the med will take to start working on you. Also, you must know about the side effect of the anxiety medication you will drink later.

The side effects exist from consuming med such as losing weight, vomit, dried mouth, etc. As well as its side effect does not influence your work, it will be okay.

Thus, it does, you have to think twice. Asking him about whether or not you should take it with food also sounds good.

3. Use Beta-Blockers or Antihistamines for Emergency need

If you suddenly get shaking, dizziness or pounding heart, beta-blockers or antihistamines might be very helpful. It is best for anxiety treatment at home. 

You, therefore, will not worry if there is no one home and you get your anxiety back, you could consume beta-blocker. Well, it is safe to drink as well as you read the instruction including its doses.

Antihistamines also become very useful to solve the symptoms from your phobia. Yet, you might get the side effect of having an upset stomach and blurred vision.

4. Thinking About Non-Medication Treatments

How to Get Anxiety Medication

Anxiety mediation indeed is one of the solutions to cure your disease. However, there is also anxiety treatment without medication. You might go for the therapy.

There are many types of therapy including assertiveness and self-esteem, behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, relaxation and breathing techniques, and diet and exercise.

This non-medication treatment may also be good because you may learn skills to fight your anxiety. It may also be more successful even though it will require much money than buying your usual meds.

Things you must know about the anxiety medication

Despite knowing how to get anxiety medication, you must also notice some things below. What are they? Let’s discuss it more in this following details!

1. Medication has a Different Side Effect

The meds you will consume must have anxiety medication side effects such as drowsiness and dry mouth.

There is also one which may cause you breathing difficulties like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and sleep apnea. Even, it may lead to a serious drop in your blood sodium, making you dehydrated easily.

On some people, it may make them lose weight and insomnia which will lead to stressful, confused, and dizzy condition. If you do not follow the doses and usage, it may damage your liver that may cause death. Other effects like hallucination and birth defects could also happen.

2. Medication is not a Cure

How to Get Anxiety Medication

You must know the fact that medication is not a cure for anxiety. It just minimalizes the symptoms of anxiety only. It provides short-time help while you need it in an emergency. When you are at work, for instance, if the symptoms come, you could take the meds.

Thus, there are some which aim for long-term use. However, it may give you several side effects which may danger your life. Having an idea of how to ask your doctor for anxiety medication which is for long-term management sounds best.

3. Be patient
Finding the right meds and treatment combination may take a long time. The first meds from the doctor that you drink may not suit you. The doctor then will give other meds a few times until you get the right to prescribe.

Of course, to get the right anxiety medication over the counter is not easy.

You, then, need to be patient enough.

Just remember to discuss everything with your doctor. Make sure to follow him up and tell him whether or not there are any changes, symptoms, or side effects you get.

Finally, how to get anxiety medication becomes an important question which may lead you to the best cure for your disease. Make sure you read the information above and do all the things required. To get to know the details about the meds for a different purpose, you need to keep staying on this page. Find all articles related to the anxiety so that you might find the best answer to help you fixed your anxiety disorder. Don’t give up and keep fighting your anxiety disorder!