Who comes here with full of despair? Do not worry and keep calming because you will find the best medication for social anxiety. Many kinds of drugs for this mental illness that you can consume. Even though, ask for your doctor’s consideration to take this big decision. 

Usually, the doctor will recommend using some treatments or the natural method to heal the SAD. Then, the use of medication becomes the last way to treat SAD or social anxiety disorder.

Precisely, you have got some imagination on the medication before seeing your doctor. So, you will understand easily.

3 Kinds of Best Medications for Social Anxiety

Not all people like fame and always being the center of attention. Even though, it does not mean that they are not normal. It is just the nature that they have but the social anxiety or social phobia a little bit different. They dislike being famous because they feel unable to do until feel anxiety excessively.

best medication for social anxiety and depression

Finally, this feeling damage their mental and the disorder start to control their body. Perhaps, it is too fast to suggest using the best social anxiety medication now. It reminds that there are many still effective and safe methods to conduct.

However, the severe sufferer needs information as soon as possible. Moreover, they had passed a lot of methods and feel that medication is the last hope to recovery. Okay, you will not wait for a long time again to realize your hope. It is in the form of 3 best treatments for social anxiety such as below:

1. Antidepressants

best medication for social anxiety and depression

The first choice of medication is antidepressants. Nevertheless, parts state that the drug that weakens the user cannot take carelessly. It is because the anti-depressant is for the severe level of SAD.

2. Benzodiazepines
It is the fast-working anti-anxiety medication but the characters are an addiction and calming. Due to its reason, the doctor cannot make the prescription carelessly. Commonly, they only give its prescription when the previous medication does not work.

3. Beta-blockers

best medication for social anxiety and depression

The last social anxiety disorder (social phobia) medication is useful to treat work performance anxiety. Perhaps, the influence on the emotional anxiety symptom does not exist. However, the influence looks on their ability to control its emotion. So, they can shake hands, make voice, sweating, and have the heartbeat normally.

By the way, knowing those kinds of medication for social anxiety disorder does not enough. You still need at least 3 things to determine the best one:

1. Find someone to talk

best medication for social anxiety and depression

You might have known 3 types of medicines to heal SAD effectively. Nevertheless, the information today is the general description. It implies you should get the detail information through the right part. Finding someone to talk means your doctor and you will understand soon. Besides the health expert, you can look for the religious advisor. It will help you to get aid from the spiritual field.

2. Continue to the professional mental health

best medication for social anxiety and depression

At the hospital, the doctor will recommend you to meet the professional mental health. However, how if your doctor does not give what you want? Feel free to surf on your internet and use the keyword of finding therapies of social anxiety disorder near me. Then, you can find a counselor, psychiatrist, the social worker to help your problem.

Not all doctors have the right to give you the medication but it can give the prescription. Next, you will carry it to meet and talk to the psychiatrist. To get the alternative treatment, find the doctor with integrative medicine practice.

3. Ask for detail information

The third is about your right to ask for the calling that you have a deal with one of them. You can also ask for the payment whether health insurance helps you to load the insurance.

Have you ever heard on Gabapentin?

Once more, you might ever or never hear about gabapentin social anxiety disorder. If you do not know it yet, it is an antiepilepsy or anticonvulsants medication.

Formerly, the utility is to heal seizures and the nerve damage but now gabapentin has an additional function. Lately, it also appears as a bipolar and social anxiety disorder (SAD). It turns out the essence of a neurotoxin inside that make this medication works well. Firstly, the see the effectiveness of the woman with having breast cancer who is getting anxious.

If you ask for the work performance, these pages want to say that it is complicated enough. Nonetheless, there are two kinds of dosages to uses. It is such as > ≥ 900 mg per day to treat light anxiety disorder. You can take < 600 mg per day to treat heavy anxiety disorder.

By the way, is there any side effect to use gabapentin? Unluckily, you must hear this bad news on the side effects of the medication.  

There are many side effects may attack you but it depends on your condition. You might feel a headache until having an intention to conduct suicide. Apart from gabapentin social anxiety side effects, here are 5 benefits that you will feel:

1.Gabapentin reduces anticipatory anxiety where it is the act to anticipate things happening in the future.

best medication for social anxiety and depression

2. You will get influence to reduce the utility of alcohol for self-treatment.
3.It also helps to face social phobia or anxiety with helping you in public speaking and others.
4. Next, gabapentin eases reducing to get angry
5. It helps you to reduce the symptoms of depression.

In conclusion, 4 brands become the best medication for social anxiety today. Someone may offer you more than those medications but most doctors suggest what you read above. Nowadays, you do not need to feel shame or inferiority. In spite of this, you should dare to tell the people around you to get the best aid. On the other hands, support your medical treatment to get rid of your negative thinking. Challenge your body and mind to face this problem and treat to overcome alone. You must always assure yourself if you can do it. This way will make your medication work faster and keep effective. Good luck!