Gabapentin social anxiety means you can use this medication to heal your social phobia. For you who had tried a lot of ways to treat this disorder, consider this medicine. Most people with this mental illness have proven usefulness.

So, you need to follow their way healing the disorder of social anxiety (Social phobia). Even though, this page does not suggest using Gabapentin before talking to your doctor. Here, it only gives a general description of the medicine and the utility. Next, let your doctor assures you to use the drug correctly.

Gabapentin Social Anxiety: Definition, performance, and the Side Effects

Gabapentin or Neurotonin is the drug working as antiepilepsy or anticonvulsants. It is that the usage is according to doctor's prescription to heal seizures and the nerve damage.

gabapentin social anxiety disorder

Recently, it is popular to treat some mental illnesses such as bipolar and social anxiety disorder (SAD).  Roughly, what does Gabapentin works to treat those illnesses? It turns out the work performance is quite complicated. The most important thing is the character of its medicine gives an analgesic effect.

Neurotoxin is the essence of the drug that can treat social anxiety disorder. According to the study, a neurotoxin which is useful to overcome the anxiety on breast cancer's sufferer. On the other hands, the treatment of social phobia with gabapentin get support from placebo-based research.

Even, the result emerging in 1999 showed that neurotoxin heals some anxiety disorders. It is such as a presurgical, panic attack, agoraphobia, and reduce the risk of hot flashes.

However, the doctors still cannot give the medicine to the sufferer of SAD carelessly. The doctors always use some consideration or factor to determine the dosage. Age, medical history, and mental health are the determiners of gabapentin social anxiety dosage.

All this time, there are two standards of the measure to treat anxiety such as below:

> ≥ 900 mg per day to treat the light anxiety disorder
< 600 mg per day to treat heavy anxiety disorder

On the other hands, gabapentin itself has some side effects from the common until severe. Here, gabapentin social anxiety side effects appear in two categories such as the following:

General side effects
Some people who consume gabapentin may get dizziness, fever, double vision, tremors, and change in mood. It is also in the form of lack of coordination, the risk of viral infection, and hard time speaking. Getting depression, abnormal eye movement, and swelling (hands, feet, or ankles) include the general side effects.

Severe side effects
It is in the form of the swelling around the face,  tongue, and throat. Difficult to swallow, shallow breathing, lymph nodes, and rashes. Nevertheless, the worst side effect is the increase in suicidal thought risk.

What do People feel after consuming Gabapentin?

In common, the neurotoxin is effective to help people with a severe mood disorder. The side effects are not as bad as the same kinds of the drug in the market. Meanwhile, people who use gabapentin for anxiety believe that it is useful to: 

1. Reduce anticipatory anxiety where is the act to anticipate things will happen in the future.

2. Influence to reduce the utility of alcohol for self-treatment.

3. Help to face social phobia or anxiety with helping you in public speaking and others.

Gabapentin Social Anxiety

4. Reduce to get angry

5. Reduce the symptoms of depression

Gabapentin Withdrawal and Its Symptoms

Next, there is some information on the gabapentin withdrawal and its symptoms. Those things still have a relationship with treating social phobia with gabapentin. It turns out the act of withdrawal suddenly may cause nausea, insomnia, and general anxiety.

Alongside that, there are other symptoms such as agitation, confuses, disorientation, sweating, digestion's case, tremor, hypertension, or irregular heartbeat. Irregular sleeping habit, seizures, immobility, and restlessness include its withdrawal symptoms.

By the way, the pregnant mom who consumes it must stop the utility slowly. It may cause fatal risk for her baby just birth.

8 Other Function on Gabapentin

Besides healing the social anxiety, gabapentin still has 8 other functions in healthcare. The following functions still have a relationship with the general anxiety. 8 functions as the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder with gabapentin are:

1. Alcohol withdrawal
Doing the alcohol withdrawal suddenly increases the risk of hallucination, seizures, nausea, and heartbeat. It turns out gabapentin not only help with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The medicine also works to reduce the desire and increase the possibility to stop consuming alcohol. 

2. Pain after surgery
It helps to reduce the pain after conducting the surgery if the patient consumes it two hours before.

3. Marijuana withdrawal
The work performance is similar to the gabapentin for alcohol withdrawal. Meanwhile, stop consuming marijuana may cause cold sweating, insomnia, until the mood change. 

4. Restless leg syndrome
The restless leg syndrome is the movement of the limbs each 15 to 40 second during sleeping. Gabapentin is effective to reduce the movement of disturbing their sleeping. 

5. Hot flashes

Gabapentin Social Anxiety

Menopause often gets hot flash at night and emerging anxiety because they cannot sleep. Gabapentin is useful to overcome it by taking 300 mg at night.

6. Itchy skin
It turns out the medication can heal the itchy skin in a month. 

7. Headache

Gabapentin Social Anxiety

Here, the headache emerges after getting a concussion. The medication at least helps to reduce the short-term headache. Nevertheless, the sufferer must consume gabapentin two days after the accident.

8. Pelvic pain/ chronic vaginal
The chronic vaginal or pelvic pain disturbs the sleep of the sufferer. However, gabapentin helps to overcome drinking before sleeping or 3 times per day.

Well, those are some information on gabapentin social anxiety. Do you feel the last things on the function of the medication do not have a relationship? You are wrong if you have that mind because the 8 symptoms cause insomnia. Insomnia always makes the sufferer feel anxiety. On the other hands, those disorders make them feel shame to bind with society. So, improve your mind to receive its facts. Okay, know your mental condition or the people around you to identify the SAD. Hopefully, the medication becomes the last option to heal this disorder for you. Thanks!