What do you know on GAD or generalized anxiety disorder?  All people ever felt restless, worry, and anxiety. Those are normal but change into up normal when the feelings occur excessively and in a long-term. Generalized anxiety disorder symptoms itself not only attack adults but also the children. 

Roughly, how big GAD influence the life of the sufferers? Never underestimate this mental illness because the effect might be severe. Whoever you are both the sufferer and the normal people, let’s learn more about general anxiety disorder! It is useful to help you and other sufferers.

11 Generalized Anxiety Disorder Symptoms that you should know

In the health field, GAD is the condition of someone that feels the anxiety excessively. Even, the anxiety disorder until disturbs its life. The character of generalized anxiety disorder weakens the sufferers until damage their daily activities. In detail, GAD:

• Disturb various of activities, jobs, and social life significantly.

generalized anxiety disorder symptoms in child

• The anxiety disorder is very annoying and emerges depression.

• Sometimes, the sufferer cannot control this disorder

• The sufferer may worry about many things until emerging the worst expectation

• It might happen every day at least during  6 months

Normal anxiety will not show one of those characteristics where it occurs with clear reasons. The duration of the feeling is perhaps in some minutes, hours, or until the problem finishes.

For more information, here are 11 signs and symptoms of Anxiety disorders:

1. Excessive worrying

generalized anxiety disorder symptoms in child

By the way, it is the common sign or symptom which is easiest to identify. Moreover, it happens every day until or more than six months. Experiencing excessive concerns makes the sufferers loss of concentration. That is why it makes daily life messy.

2. Restless
People who are feeling restless have a fast heartbeat, sweating, tremor, and or dry mouth. Restless includes a GAD symptom if the duration takes place in a long time.

3. Restlessness
Restlessness includes one of the signs of GAD if it often occurs.

4. Irrational fear
Irrational fear or phobia is an extreme fear so that emerge exceptional anxiety. Generally, people may get a phobia toward the current animals, injury injection, height, and situation. Meanwhile, social phobia includes in the general anxiety disorder where people also know it as agoraphobia.

The social phobia is the social anxiety disorder (SAD) where the sufferer may be afraid of using public transportations. They dislike existing in public spaces or in spite of this. Are you afraid amid many people or always need someone to accompany your activities? Consider and check it!

5. Difficult to focus or concentration
Lost of focus and concentration can emerge when the sufferer gets afraid or anxiety. Commonly, they only think of what makes them afraid until difficult to concentrate.

6. Irritability
People with GAD will be easily angry because they cannot think properly. The anxiety is controlling their body and mind.

7. Panic attack
Have you ever read on a panic attack? Up normal panic attack which repeats several times is the sign of GAD. This attack is quite horrible because the sufferer does not only feel afraid or anxious. However, there are some physic symptoms which they might get.

8. Tense muscle
The tense muscle can be the cause of your anxiety if it happens at least one week. You worry if there is an illness inside of the muscle. Usually, you ask what happen and why it does not recovery?

9. Fatigue

generalized anxiety disorder symptoms physical

Fatigue can be one of the symptoms of GAD if it comes along with the anxiety. However, fatigue may show other medical disorders too.

10. Staying asleep or trouble falling
The sleep disorder is very identical to the anxiety disorder. It is because they think something that makes restless.

11. Avoiding social situation or social anxiety
You have known a little bit of information on the social phobia that is same as a social anxiety disorder. Nature is almost similar to what you had read above. You may feel anxious or afraid of the next social condition. This feeling also come because of you afraid toward someone's judge. You think that they will make you shame so that you must avoid those situations.

5 GAD Symptoms on Kids

Generalized anxiety disorder often attacks people under 65 years old. It implies the children are possible to have GAD.

Children with GAD must get aid soon because it disturbs their growth and education. Meanwhile, the generalized anxiety disorder in adults- symptoms disturb their job and social life. Differ on the previous signs, the children often show one of 5 symptoms such as below:

1. It often focuses on future events such as worry about what will happen tomorrow.

2. The children also worry about their past that gives the effect today and in the future.

generalized anxiety disorder symptoms physical

3. It includes the performance at school, at home, and in the environment. Usually, they feel that other people deserve to blame them when their performance is bad or fail.

4. Usually, they can think like that because there is a perfectionist character inside.

5. They want to get a good response amid society.

8 Natural Methods to heal Generalized Anxiety Disorder

After learning the signs and symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, it is time to overcome! Here, you can choose one or some treatment options for generalized anxiety disorder naturally. By the way, the options below consist of 8 choices:

Limit caffeine
Consuming caffeine excessively triggers the emerges of long-term anxiety. The potential is bigger for people with GAD.

Stop smoking

generalized anxiety disorder symptoms physical

Usually, people smoke to move bad minds including the anxiety but the theory is wrong. Smoking triggers anxiety through bad ingredients.

Stop drinking alcohol

generalized anxiety disorder symptoms physical

Do not move on alcohol until abuse this beverage! The risk of GAD from alcohol is quite big.

Consume healthier foods
Change your cigarette, caffeine, and alcohol with healthy foods. It is such as fish, meat, beans, fruits, and vegetables.

Probiotic and fermented foods
Besides those foods, you can add yogurt, milk, and so on. 


generalized anxiety disorder symptoms physical

Doing exercise regularly improve your mood, mind, and body.

Yoga is an exercise that makes your body and minds more relaxed.

Meditation returns your focus or concentration ability. Please sit on the floor. Then, close your eyes and do not think anything.

Okay, those are the generalized anxiety disorder symptoms and natural treatments. You might need patience and a long time to do the treatments. If your GAD does not relieve, let's call your doctor.