When dealing with anxiety, most people will ask how to get over social anxiety because social anxiety is one of the most anxious cases. 

Social anxiety is more than just social phobia because when something triggers it out, the person will feel hard which also affects life. This is not just a simple mental disorder and needs many things to deal with. Lucky that there are some ways to help you deal with an anxiety disorder.

How to Get Over Social Anxiety? Try These 6 Ways

Get over social anxiety is not easy, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t deal with it. No matter if you are with a psychiatrist or not, the key to help with social disorder starts with yourself. And there are six ways you can try if you want to overcome this social disorder.

1. Identify the fear
The first step on how to get over your social anxiety is to identify the things you fear. When you doing this identification, you can make it as a list.

As an example, you may afraid of being judged or worrying too much when in a public place. Anything that may become the signs of your anxiety disorder must be on your list. If you don’t really understand the symptoms or signs of anxiety, you may look for the information through the internet or by asking your psychiatrist.

How to Get Over Social Anxiety

If you have a psychiatrist, you may ask for help to identify your fears. Identification will also help your psychiatrist to give you the advice to deal with your anxiety disorder. To make it easier in identifying them all, write them down. It will be helpful as your resource in the next steps.

2. Analyze and challenge the fear
The next important steps to get over social anxiety disorder are by analyzing each of the fear you have listed and challenge them. This is including by asking the questions based on your list to yourself.

As an example about fear of being judged, you may ask yourself such as “How do I even know if they judge me?”

Usually, people who try to deal with social anxiety are still having negative thoughts related to fear which leads to anxiety. People with anxiety disorders known to have overthought about negative things.

How to Get Over Social Anxiety

And the point of this analysis is to evaluate any negative thoughts that usually triggered your anxiety. Do this calmly and take a deep breath because it can help you focus on yourself. If you find this hard to deal with social anxiety disorder, you may visit a psychiatrist who will help you step by step.

3. Self-control training
Self-control training is the thing you should do on how to get rid of social anxiety on your own. Try to focus on yourself and control some of the effects when anxiety attacks you such as breathing.

First, try to practice deep breathing. Deep breathing can help you becomes calm down. This is the most important strategy to deal with anxiety disorder, including social anxiety.

By controlling your breath, it can help reduce the nervous feeling and any other things that happen in your body. There are many choices that you can do other than taking a deep breath such as sit comfortably, inhale and exhale slowly and try to hold 1-2 seconds of a deep breath then exhale through your mouth. Training yourself daily can help you deal with anxiety.

4. Face the fears
From the start of how to get over social anxiety, you have listed all the fears that you suffer. Now, it is time to face fears rather than avoiding them. Avoiding anxiety will make your life getting worse.  Start with the simplest one that you think you can face. To make this step easier, you should keep your mind to positive thinking.

You can try to start having more interaction with your closest friend, then your colleagues, and then with others. Don’t push yourself to try this and pressure yourself to face it quickly. This is because there is no way on how to get over your social anxiety disorder, fast. It will need the discipline to keep practicing all of them.

Say some simple greeting, smiling with people or stranger,s and try to have a more direct conversation are some other things you can try. Go slowly but you sure make it. All these practices will make you improve yourself to have self-control.

5. Think logically and rationally, get new activities
When you are practicing this step on how to get over your social anxiety, you also need to make sure that you have logical and rational thinking. It is understandable that sometimes when it triggered, you can’t even think clearly.

But, you need to starts this kind of thinking. The positive, logical, and rational mind is all that you need before and when you practice socializing.

And when you practicing it, stay calm and be patient so you can control your breath and your mind which results in a great result of the socializing process. For your suggestion to heal the anxiety disorder, you can start some public courses, volunteering activities, and join some communities.

How to Get Over Social Anxiety

Anything that you like or can enjoy with many people, don’t shy to join. By connecting with many people, you can get used to people which helps to overcome social anxiety.

6. Doing a treatment
Another thing you can do on how to deal with an anxiety disorder is by doing a treatment. If you think you can’t face or deal with it alone, you may visit a psychiatrist to get treatment support.

Sometimes, it needs treatment support to help you deal with anxiety such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT. This treatment can help you much if you are also willing to get yourself practicing daily.

Some medical treatment maybe can also support you. The psychiatrist will decide the best method to overcome your social anxiety disorder.

Some example of medications to deal with anxiety is including SSRIs and benzodiazepine. A doctor can decide either to take medical or CBT treatment. In some cases, the doctor may combine both of the choices.

When You Should Visit Psychiatrist?

Dealing with social anxiety is not easy and sometimes it takes time to understand that you suffer from this anxiety. It sometimes needs a professional assessment to make sure about your anxiety.

So if you think you have some sign or symptoms of this social disorder, you can directly visit the psychiatrist

Before you decide to deal with it by yourself or need the psychiatrist's support, you can analyze how deep is your anxiety affects your life. If you think it ruined your life very bad, you should start looking for a psychiatrist and make a consultation as soon as possible. 

It is understood that how to get over social anxiety is not an easy way. But if you suffer from an anxiety disorder, don’t avoid and face it because it will make you better. Good luck!