Experiencing a social anxiety disorder (SAD) is untold suffering. It looks simple but the sufferer always feels exceptional torture. For ordinary people, often underestimate and tend to hate also avoid it. How to get rid of social anxiety need to know for everyone. The information is surely important for the sufferers and the ordinary people.

how to get rid of social anxiety without medication

So, all parts can help each other and make a harmonious relationship among humans. Where do you start comprehensive how-to tips to living with a social anxiety disorder? Start here!

First Method How to Get rid of Social Anxiety:  Knowing the Causes and Symptoms

Social anxiety is the part-human feeling and it is normal in current times. However, it changes into up normal when the feeling always happens excessively.

What makes someone getting SAD? It is important to know the causes and symptoms because this way helps you to find the solution. There are many causes of social anxiety disorder including when you feel nervous in an interview. Then, meet with new people and being the center of attention. Some of them are:

Speak at the meeting
Public speaking
Get a calling to come in front of the class
Get a critic or taunts
Feel someone underestimate

By the way, this page will not enough to record all causes of  SAD. Meanwhile, there are still many things to know or discuss. You might less sensitive toward this social disorder.

So,  you do not know if your friend or sibling is getting this case. Stop to say that it is a light case if you are not the sufferer. In spite of this, let's know the symptoms of social anxiety disorder in emotion, physic, and behavior:

Emotion (feeling)
1. Feeling anxiety and self-awareness excessively in daily social life.
2. Not only in daily life but continues until weeks and months.
3. Feel afraid of other people know that you are nervous.
4. The sufferer also often feels afraid if its behavior merely will embarrass itself and others.
5. Get an extreme feeling toward the foreign people as though they are paying attention to your behavior.


how to get rid of social anxiety without medication

1. Cannot go somewhere or public spaces alone. The necessity for a close friend to accompany each activity is very high.
2. Usually, drink before facing the social activity to calm down the nerves.
3. Just keep silent or hide to avoid the announcing and the shame.
4. Avoid and or limit the social activities that the sufferer thinks it is quite disturbing.

1. Shortness of breath
2. Faint or dizzy
3. Hot flashes or sweating
4. Feeling tightness in the chest or racing heart
5. Shaking including shaky voice or trembling
6. Blushing or being red face
7. Nausea (butterfly) or upset stomach

Second Method: Overcome the Social Anxiety Disorder from controlling the Breath

There are many things to start doing if you have social anxiety. One of them is with controlling the breath as the first method. It sounds simple, indeed, but the result is quite effective to treat the disorder.

Okay, this page does not want to discuss a lot of methods to overcome SAD. Nevertheless, it wants to teach you from the simplest and no-budget method that you can do directly. Why do you must choose this type? 

Someone who gets SAD of course feels panic and makes their breath uncontrol. It triggers the shortness of breath and you can imagine what is next. The sufferer may get the worst condition until death.

how to get rid of social anxiety without medication

So, everybody must master this method to help themselves and others. By the way,  how to overcome your social anxiety through breath control consists of 7 steps:

1. Control your breath to return the rhythm of the breath. Take a breath slowly for 1 minute while calming your mind.

2. Focusing your mind only on your breath with sitting in front of a clock. You can do it using the watch to listen to the second's sound and count the time.

3. Note! Only breath through the nose not from the mouth. 

4. Try to take a breath using the part of a diaphragm or the below section of the stomach.

5. Next, take a breath for 3 seconds and throw it for the same time too (3 seconds). During you do this step, you must throw all negative minds in your brain. In spite of this, change it with something exciting such as a relaxing condition, vacation, and so on. 

6. Afterward, you can continue to take a breath for 6 seconds in 5 minutes. It means the time to take and lose the breath is longer. 

7. Lastly, you should count the breath again for 1 minute and feel the change.

Averagely, those steps to overcome social anxiety disorder are effective or work well. Numerous sufferers feel better after conducting the methods above. If you are a normal person, you can learn it and use it to help other people.

Talking about respiration, ordinary people need 10-12 times per minute when taking a rest. Meanwhile, people with SAD will breathe faster and takes place for a long time.

Fortunately, controlling the breath slowly helps to overcome properly. However, you may unable to do it directly when the situation comes.

Thus, it needs time to train in a normal or relaxed condition. It is surely not difficult to do the 7 tips to get rid of social anxiety. Precisely, you train this method at least 4 times a day in the beginning.

Next, always remind yourself this way until you face one condition triggering your disorder. This is the right time to practice what you have learned and prove the effectiveness of the method.

If you fail to do it, it is normal because it is the first time to practice. You might still forget or not ready to conduct. However, do not give up and keep do it until you succeed to overcome social anxiety (social phobia).

So, 7 steps how to get rid of social anxiety above is useful for ordinary people and the sufferer. It is goods as self-treatment or therapy that do not need a long time. Here, you only need patience. However, you should find help or a doctor if the SAD is getting worst. Good luck!