How to treat anxiety disorder is available in some choices. Therapy, medication, diet, until the self-treatments are the things that you can do to relieve the anxiety disorder. You can try one of them or all options until finding the best method. Anything you choose later, decide carefully to prevent the occurrence of new problems.

By the way, this page tries to describe the variety of the treatment of anxiety disorders. It implies you are getting a good opportunity to learn and perceive numerous treatments. Are you ready to add your insight for a solution?

How to Treat Anxiety  Disorder from 3 Kinds of Therapy

Firstly, you will receive some information on the therapy for anxiety disorders. It consists of exposure therapy, complementary therapy, and CBT (cognitive behavior therapy).

how to treat anxiety disorder naturally

For more information, let’s pay attention to the following detailed information:

Exposure Therapy
What generalized anxiety disorder do you experience now? Anything that you feel, anxiety is equal with a fear. The exposure therapy challenges the sufferer to face the fear not to avoid it. If you are afraid of the height, animal, or social life, this therapy asks you to face it.

This method offers two ways from only imagining the cause of anxiety and practice to defeat it in real. It turns out the exposure therapy can complete the CBT method.

Complimentary Therapy
The complementary therapy that you arrange to relieve depression until reaching the emotional balance.

Usually, the sufferer starts with conducting the exercise regularly. They optimize the result by doing an aerobic at least one hour per day. Besides that, relaxation will be the second choice through meditation or progressive muscle relaxation.

Next, biofeedback is the relaxation technique that teaches you to acquire the response of the anxiety disorder. This method is also useful to control the anxiety in your body. Lastly, hypnosis helps you to face your frightening differently and it can collaborate with CBT.

Since in the first therapy, the description always talks about CBT. Finally, this part will answer this last therapy. Well, CBT or cognitive behavior therapy include the most favorite choice all this time. The method involving two main components and the result is quite surprising. Not only relieve anxiety but also the generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), phobia, panic attack, and social anxiety disorder (SAD).

how to treat anxiety disorder naturally

How does it work? Okay, cognitive therapy finds out how do negative thinking give its contribution to the disorder. Meanwhile, the behavior therapy studies the reaction of the sufferer when it takes place.

Undergoing therapy is not easy because it needs commitment and patience. It might need a long time but it keeps depending on the condition of the sufferer. The therapy can make them better or worst initially. Even though, you must have high trust in the performance of the therapy. Trust gives a big suggestion to realize the result.

Natural Remedies to heal your Anxiety Disorders

Talking on the medication, you might think about prescription medicine from the hospital. Most people may prefer using anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, or Beta-Broker. However, those do not include as OTC (Over-the-counter) anxiety medication. It has a high dosage and must under control of the doctors.

Do not look for those medicines and the doctor is your mental health disorder still lights. Precisely, you try one of the natural remedies below:

1. Writing
Writing help overcoming anxiety because it moves the negative minds to think more creatively. You can use to write a journal or other writing to manage your anxiety.

2. Relaxation
Try to do the progressive relaxation to relax the muscles as the response of anxiety. Lie down in a convenient position then start relaxing from the feet until the jaw.

3. Play with animals
Interact with the animals both pet and livestock effective to relieve anxiety. Ask them to talk does not mean you are crazy but it is an expression to move your bad mood. You know that they cannot answer but it helps to overcome the anxiety. Ask them to walk around or just smelling the body.

4. Herb supplement

how to treat anxiety disorder naturally

Add the herb supplement in your foods and drinks so it is easier to consume. Many food supplements for anxiety available in the drugstores, hospital, and others. However, keep consulting to the doctor to find the right herb supplement for you.

5. Herb Tea
Chamomile and Passiflora Incarnata are two OTC anxiety medications that are suitable as the herb tea. On the other hands, drinking tea is refreshing and it gives the direct effect to reduce the anxiety.

6. Cannabidiol oil
It is the cannabis without THC or tetrahydrocannabinol essence. The oil relieves panic and anxiety disorder significantly.

7. Aromatherapy

how to treat anxiety disorder without medication

Lavender is the common aromatherapy ingredient where it is useful to reduce the short-term heart beating. The lavender along with other aromatherapy ingredients can overcome the long-term sleep problem.

8. Time management strategy
People often lost control when the anxiety disorder attack. Find the right strategy to manage the time. This way helps you to finish your duties with a little bit of pressure.

Diet and Self-treatment

Lifestyle gives big influence to all kinds of anxiety disorder. Therefore, improve your life quality by paying attention to your diet. 

Consume some healthy foods such as red meat, vegetables, beans, nuts, milk, yogurt, and others. Then, try to overcome your problem with controlling your breath. This way is effective to revive your condition quickly when it suddenly comes.  

By the way, return the rhythm of the breath includes as the self-treatment. Practice it four times a day when you are in normal condition. Take a breath slowly while getting rid of your negative thinking. Do it for about 5 minutes or until you feel better again.

Well, those are some methods to heal various anxiety disorder. How to treat anxiety disorder above will help you before looking for more serious aid. You can do it without under the doctor’s supervision. Do you know other information on the treatment for this mental disorder? If you know it, please, share here on the comment space. Your additional insight is not only useful for this page but also the other readers. Thank you!