Is there anyone having a social anxiety disorder (SAD) in their life? None wants to feel it because the effect is very torture. Many sufferers try to find effective how to deal with a social anxiety disorder to exit from this suffering. Nowadays, a lot of references discuss SAD treatment both on the internet and in the hospital. So, there is no reason to give up although the nature of the medication is still temporary. Keep spirit and upgrade the insight into how to treat social anxiety here.

How to deal with Social Anxiety Independently

Could you identify the symptoms of social anxiety disorder in your body? When you can detect it, it helps you to do the medication immediately.

Okay, this page tries to help you with prioritizing the treatment that you can do alone. You can try one or some of the 12 options such as below:

1. Take a breath

how to deal with social anxiety in the moment

Taking a breath is the easiest and cheapest way to heal SAD where you can do it alone. Do it directly when you getting this disorder in public spaces. Understanding the causes of social anxiety disorder is more important than knowing the symptoms. Whatever the causes, this method must appear the first time.

How do you take a breath to heal your social anxiety disorder? It is easy and only needs some minutes to relieve anxiety. You can take and throw the breath slowly through the nose. Do it while throwing any thinking or empty your mind.

2. Love yourself
The first method is very effective to heal when the disorder but you also need to love yourself. Look at your passion and talent. You surely have some excessive so take and develop it. Do not only think of your weakness because it will make you not self-confident. Be kind to yourself by loving all that you have. This way or suggestion helps you to reduce or disappear effectively.

3. Hang out in a coffee shop

how to deal with social anxiety in the moment

Coffee shops, parks, and restaurants have a good situation to socialize without disturbing each other. You can start your step to open your boundary with the social environment. These places are suitable to do your private activities such as watching movies, reading books, and so on. Afterward, you can look for someone to talk to without hassle.

4. Act confidently

how to deal with social anxiety at school

At the time you already dare to go out, use this opportunity to train your confidence. Interact with new people confidently and make it as convenient as possible. Train your confidence to convey a presentation, giving an opinion in the meeting, and so on.

5. Focus on the ground situation
Do not only focus on yourself but start to aware of the people and situations around you. It turns out this action is effective on how to deal with social anxiety disorders. Giving attention to the people around and what is happening now can get rid of negative thinking. Therefore, open your mind and let everything around knows you. Then, dare to make a real relationship with society.

6. Be mindful
Do you know the meaning of being mindful? It is a method with teaching you to train your mindfulness which easy and effective to remedy SAD. On how to overcome social anxiety disorder here, it uses a meditation technique to get a bigger control of attention. So, you will be more ready to present amid the people.

7. Talk

how to deal with social anxiety at school

Dare to talk about what you have experienced all this time. Let them make some questions for you. Then, your task is to answer them honestly. This way will make you more restless and feel better.

8. Defeat your negative thinking
Although you have the best therapy, medication, and treatment, those are unuseful. Those methods will be vain as long as your mind is always negative. According to many types of research, mindset gives a big influence on someone with anxiety. It implies your negative thinking can make your mental health disorder keep surviving. Therefore, defeat your negative thinking by identifying why do you always have bad thinking? Ask for yourself and feel your feeling. Afterward, change your mindset slowly but consistently to think positively and heal the SAD.

9. Make an exposure hierarchy
In challenging your negative thinking or face your fear, you need to make an exposure hierarchy. Write anything which makes you anxious or afraid until as small as possible. You have to do it anytime and anywhere to know how big your disorder is. In this way, you know from where you can start to defeat the anxiety and negative thinking. Precisely, you do it from the lightest fear and do it slowly or step by step. Remember that this way needs a patient so do not easy to give up.

10. Face your fear

how to deal with social anxiety at work

Now, it is time to faces the things which make you afraid! Do not hide again but face it bravely. Feel free to stay in an inconvenient situation to defeat it and free from this torturing disorder.

11. Find your social situation and engage
Look for a social skill class to grow your social soul! The class usually gives you some lessons on the skill to interact in social life. You may get it to walk with your pet, help the food bank, and so on. The point is you will find the right social situation that you can use to involve inside.

12. Change your lifestyle
Besides bad thinking, the wrong lifestyle also triggers anxiety and social anxiety disorders. You are might lazy to exercise and eat carelessly such as junk foods or others. Healthy foods have good nutrients that can make your mind and body keep healthy. Control your diet and do exercise regularly where both will emerge a good mood.

CBT as the Best Social Anxiety Disorder Therapy

Besides applying one of 12 powerful ways to help overcome social anxiety, you can use CBT treatment. It is the treatment involving a cognitive behavior to fight your social phobia. The therapy helps you to identify the negative pattern and mind. Afterward, CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) also gives the solution to change it. By the way, CBT that is suitable to defeat your negative thinking has regular support from the therapist. You can join the class online or use a workbook.

From now, do not let this mental health disorder defeat you. Show that you are great and can overcome this disorder. The most important thing is you always feel sure that how to deal with social anxiety disorder above is effective. Happy trying and be confident!