Which one do you like, OTC or the prescription medication? Up to know, the assumption of both still becomes a long debate. It includes the use of OTC anxiety medication for the sufferers. Most people assume that anxiety disorder always needs serious treatment involving doctors. 

In spite of this, some of them less believe with the medication from the hospital. Nowadays, many kinds of over-the-counter anxiety medication that take natural ingredients. Although you can easily buy it in the drugstore without the doctor’s prescription, you cannot underestimate the quality.

5 Natural OTC Anxiety Medication that Quite Effective to Treat

Why does it call as over-the-counter (OTC)? It is because the consumers can find the drug easily in the drugstore. They can buy it without using a prescription from the doctors and usually the side effects are not too bad. OTC medicine itself consists of two categories is that free medicine and limited medicine.

The free medicine has a "safe" sign or with a green circle with a black border. It is useful to heal light illnesses or in the form of vitamins and supplements.

Meanwhile, limited medicine has a sign of blue round with the black border. Although it is free without the prescription, the government limits the amount of selling.

Well, let’s turn back to the main topic of anxiety mental disorder. Are there any over-the-counter anxiety medications that work effectively? It turns out this page has counted  5 natural kinds of medication for this illness such as the following:

1. Chamomile

otc anxiety medication canada

It is a herb extracting Chamaemelum Nobile in the part of the white flowers. Besides that, the medication also takes the feather-like leaves as its mixture. In the anxiety disorder field, Chamomile is useful to relieve tension and agitation.

How to use Chamomile is quite various such as in the form of tea, capsule, powder, or tincture.

On the other hands, there are some side effects that you may get causing by the overdose. It is such as the breath problem, itchy, irregularity menstruation, and the swelling in some parts of the body. The pregnant women and the people with bleeding disorders also with the allergy to daisy plants must avoid chamomile.

2. Passiflora Incarnata

otc anxiety medication canada

The next anxiety medication is Passiflora Incarnata is also famous as the passionflower. People have been using it to treat the anxiety attack since in ancient era. 

Meanwhile, the native speaker of America uses this flower as the tea to relieve insomnia, epilepsy, hysteria, and more. For your information, Passiflora Incarnata contains Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MOI) and flavonoid.

MOI is useful to stable the surge of the mood. Meanwhile, flavonoid works effectively on the brain cells and heal the anxiety disorder.

Talking on the side effects, it only causes sleepy, headache, and slow response. Therefore, you do not allow driving or operating the heavy machines after consuming Passiflora Incarnata.

3. Benadryl
Benadryl comes as the generic name of diphenhydramine with antihistamine effect. The functions are as anti-cholinergic, cough, cold, insomnia, nausea, loose movement, and anxiety. Consuming the anxiety treatment of Benadryl is very effective as long as in routine usage.

Unfortunately, some irresponsible people have abused the function to get the doping effect. Besides that, you should know the side effects starting from nervous and sleepy. However, it also tends to create a disorder in the sleep pattern after stopping the use.

4. Valerian

otc anxiety medication canada

Valerian is a tall plant resembling like a fern where it is very famous as the sedative. By the way, existence is very famous in some Europe countries such as Switzerland, England, Germany, and Belgium.

The valerian root is the part of the plant using to heal insomnia and anxiety disorder. Besides that, this plant is useful to calm withdrawal phase. It is especially when you stop using anti-depressant medication.

However, you should consult your intention to your doctor first if you want to use Valerian. This fourth type of 5 effectiveness over-the-counter anxiety relief medication types does not get fully approve from FDA.

This act is according to some considerations including the side effects including sleepy and headache. The pregnant women, kidney failure sufferer, and the people with the prescription’s drug must avoid this plant. Apart from those all, you can consume it in the form of syrup, powder, and capsule.

5. Primal Calm
Primal Calm is the food supplement for anxiety with the name of Proloftin containing natural ingredients. It contains Beta-Sitosterol, L-Theanine, Magnolia Bark, Phosphatidylserine, and Rhodiola.

Those ingredients help to relieve depression that start working after consuming for 30 minutes until 2 hours.

Primal Calm returns your body's ability fighting stress and tension with filling vitamin B in your body.  It almost does not have the side effects and it is better to add two capsules on the food every day. One thing you should remember that the price is quite expensive. Even though, the price is equal with the benefits that Primal Calm gives.

Ask Yourself and Your Doctor!

Medication to treat anxiety must be the last option when all methods fail to relieve. Precisely, the sufferers try to use the non-medication first.

You can try mindfulness, yoga & tai chi, therapy, exercise, and worry busting strategies.

otc anxiety medication canada

Even though, you must ask the following questions to yourself before deciding:

Is it the last and the best method for you?

Are you ready to feel all side effects emerging by the medication?

What medication helps you to relieve the anxiety disorder?

Do the medication with drug enough or still need therapy? 

Do it includes a serious mental illness for you?

Questions for your doctor:

Work performance of the drug

Ask for the side effects of the medication.

The question of the foods and beverages must avoid.

The drug interaction toward another prescription.

Is the withdrawal process difficult?

Do the disorder will return after stopping to consume the drug

Okay, that is the complete explanation of OTC anxiety medication. It is a piece of good news for you and all sufferers who do not want to use the prescription's drug. Nevertheless, you do not allow buying the medication carelessly. You have to pay attention to the function and the side effects of the drug.