There are many choices to heal your anxiety disorder both with medication and typical therapy. In medication itself, still breaks into two options such as prescription and OTC medications. By the way, the writer interests to discuss over-the-counter anxiety medication CVS. Do you think that it is great to treat anxiety disorder? 

Wait! CVS is not a medication but it a company providing safer medication for anxiety disorder. The products give you a better alternative to heal without the doctor's prescription. Well, it is very important to know more about this company. The information will appear clearly along with others.

Over the Counter Anxiety Medication CVS: list of Natural Anxiety Medication

Let's know at glance about CVS where it is a subsidiary retail company in the US. People who also call it as CVS Pharmacy are short of Customer Value Store. The store established in 1963 firstly in Lowell Massachusett, US. This store provides various items such as prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, beauty products, merchandise, and so on. The following is the list of over-the-counter anxiety medication that you can buy without the hassle:

1. Natrol Stress & Anxiety

over the counter anxiety medication cvs

It is the anxiety medication that consists of three main excellent ingredients. There are 5-HTTP, L-theanine, and melatonin that are effective to heal some illnesses. The drug providing in two versions (day and night) still gives other benefits not only for anxiety. It is useful to relieve stress, normalize sleeping pattern, relaxing sleep, give a restful feeling, and more.

2. 5-HTP

CVS itself sells also 5-HTP or 5-hydroxytryptophan coming from the amino acid tryptophan. The function of its supplement is to help the brain produce serotonin that promotes a positive mood.

3. St. John's Worth

over the counter anxiety medication cvs

St. John's Worth is the supplement for mood support and remedy the depression naturally. It has two essential elements of hypericin and hyperforin to balance the brain chemical serotonin. The supplement also works to help norepinephrine and dopamine giving a good mood.

4. SAM-e

over the counter anxiety medication cvs

SAM-e or S-adenosylmethionine is the brain support supplement that is similar to 5-HTP. Even, it also uses the same ingredient to reach the same goal (produce serotine).

CVS Pharmacy is the most complete store for US citizens. OTC anxiety medications are more than that. You might buy Chamomile, Benadryl, Prima Calm, Valerian, Passiflora Incarnata, or others.

Is it true that Medication Effective to Treat Anxiety?

A lot of people believe some medications both from the doctor and from the drugstore. It turns out medication cannot relieve its disorder. The meaning is the sufferer cannot disappear this mental health disorder for every. However, it is only effective temporary and the character of the medication tends to addict the users. Therefore, you need to know some important things relating to the utility of the drug:

Prescription or OTC

over the counter anxiety medication cvs

Both choices cannot heal general anxiety disorder forever. The sufferers can consume it for the rest of their time. However, there are a few differences in both kinds of medications in its utility. The utility and the purchasing of a prescription drug are always under doctor's supervision. It also refers to the sufferers where the anxiety is in the severe or acute level. On the contrary, using OTC medication is safer with lighter side effects and usually for the light anxiety disorder. Nonetheless, the characters of those methods are the same is temporary.


over the counter anxiety medication cvs

Due to the utility when the sufferer is getting the anxiety, it can make them an addict. It is surely not right because it triggers the volatile and the abusement of the drugs. The sufferer might use the medicine without asking for the doctor first or directly use the OTC medications. The fact is all of them keep having the rule to use it. Some medicines work with alcohol and it can also emerge some withdrawal.

Prioritize Therapy or another alternative

over the counter anxiety medication cvs

Do not use the medication as the first way to remedy your GAD but think others first. Although you just choose the short-term OTC medications for Anxiety, it does not mean it is safe. It is might safer than the prescription drugs but you must remember the side effects and cautions. The short-term medication keeps risky where it can make the user lose the natural coping skill.

Thinking on the Natural Treatments

Note, medication is not the only solution to relieve an anxiety disorder. You can find other alternative methods such as the following:

• Excercise

over the counter anxiety medication cvs

Thinking on the exercise where it is the most natural way as the therapy. The exercise has the same effect as the medication if it does the routine. It may happen because the exercise releases endorphins which calm and burn cortisol. Traveling to the gym or jogging for 30 minutes is very useful for fast aid.

• CBD Oil

over the counter anxiety medication cvs

It comes with another name of cannabidiol that it takes from extracting marijuana. Usually, the oil chooses the hemp industries that contain very little THC. Although the treatment is effective to relieve stress, make it as the last choice. You should talk you the doctor first before using it. It is useful to know the benefits and side effects. Meanwhile, many people do not recommend it because less of research and its legality. 

• Water plus Magnesium

over the counter anxiety medication cvs

Lastly, there are water and magnesium that can be the only method to heal anxiety disorder. Drinking water and magnesium gives a level of restless to reduce anxiety. It turns out some cases show that dehydration and lack of nutrient trigger anxiety disorder.

Well, those are some information on the over-the-counter anxiety medication CVS. Buying medicines and other necessities are legal there. Anything your decision, always consult with your family, doctor, or people that you believe. Know well the product that you want to take later until you know it is safe. Gather a lot of information on OTC medicine and feel free to ask the shopkeeper. Apart from those all, always prioritize the natural remedy or therapy before taking the medicine. They must be able to relieve your disorder and 100% safe. Share this useful information to prevent abuse and addict that is dangerous.