Many parts primarily the ordinary people still not understand the social anxiety disorder definition. The evidence is many of them underestimate the existence of the sufferer amid them. Meanwhile, people with this mental illness need aid from the people around when it happens. If you include the people with good condition, please, help them. Do not say that you care but you confuse to identify and give the aid. You will start here to know what is social anxiety, symptoms, and treatments. Let’s start now!

Social Anxiety Disorder Definition: When and How?

In common, people know social anxiety disorder or SAD as social phobia. The definition of social anxiety disorder above gets support from health experts. However, they still categorize it as the common disorder and all people may feel it.

social anxiety disorder definition

So, when the SAD become a serious mental illness? They infer that the disorder is getting serious when the anxiety emerging a strong frightening in social life. Even, the feeling is uncontrol again so that the sufferer shows some symptoms.

So, when social anxiety disorder (social phobia) occurs? The disorder happens when the sufferer talks to foreign, dating, public speaking, use the public toilet, and others. Conducting eye contact, go to a party, eating alone in public places, go to school or work, including the characteristics. Occasionally, they have some negative minds such as they deliberately offend someone. Some people will judge or insult them but those are only their negative thinking. Generally, people with a social phobia like this dislike being the center of attention.

Roughly, what does it feel? Fast heartbeat, tense of muscle, headache, diarrhea, nausea, until difficult to breath is what the sufferers feel. Okay, it sounds horrible and maybe getting worst if there is an aid both from itself and other people. Although it includes common anxiety, the effects of SAD influence the sufferer's daily life. The social anxiety disorder prevents them to undergo and perceive the normal life. They also wonder how ordinary people can run it easily.

On the other hands, This mental health disorder also influences the personal relationship. It is because the sufferers tend to have negative thinking, depression, low self-esteem, and sensitive toward critics. Even, the sufferers have a bad social skill where it is very important as the social creature.

3 Methods to relieve Social Anxiety Disorder

By the way, the prior passages have explained the causes and symptoms of SAD. From understanding the causes of social anxiety disorder above, you might interest to know its treatments.

In this page, you get 3 methods to heal this mental health disorder such as below:

1. Finding your supporter

social anxiety disorder definition

The first thing to do for the sufferers is finding the support group. Go to the hospital or psychiatrist and meet many people with social phobia. Then, you can make a group to share their experiences and you will not feel alone facing your problem. You can also get the support from your close friend and the family. Give them a comprehension with telling the causes of social anxiety. Believe that it works well moreover you add some documents from your doctor.

2. Psychotherapy

social anxiety disorder definition

Most therapy for people with social anxiety is CBT. It is short of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. The sufferer will get some lessons to keep positive thinking, behave, and react to this situation. All this time, cognitive behavior therapy is effective to treat social phobia and frightening. It turns out CBT also accompanies the sufferer to practice the social skill. That is why this psychotherapy is effective to heal the SAD.  If you join the supporting group, you can share the information to help others.

3. Prescription Medication

social anxiety disorder definition

Start thinking to find more serious treatment when both methods fail. Truthfully, it not fails but does not work maximally. You should see your doctor immediately to get the advanced handle from the experts. They will suggest you combine between CBT with medication. In general, they will give you one of the three following prescription's medication:

It includes the best medication for social anxiety because it can block some physical symptoms. Exactly, Beta-Blocker relives tremor, sweating, and normalize the heartbeat. For your information that this medication includes in the performance anxiety type. 

The medicine is very strong in reducing the anxiety because the system is fast-working. However, the sufferer does not allow consuming anti-anxiety for along time. If they must use it for the long-term period, they need to add the dosage. So, the effect that they will receive keep similar such as usual. However, there is another reason why doctors only suggest anti-anxiety, not for a long period. The medication can cause addiction and make the sufferer look older than the age. 

Anti-depressant becomes the last options here but the quality keeps same like anti-anxiety and Beta-Blocker. The function is not only useful to relieve the symptoms of social anxiety but also relieve the depression. It turns out the performance is slower than the second prior choices. The sufferer can feel the effect at least one week from the utility. 

On the other hands, there are some side effects which may emerge although it is not severe. Moreover, the dosage keeps low and the increase occurs step by step from time to time. Insomnia, headache, and nausea are the common side effects but you keep needing to talk to your doctor.

social anxiety disorder definition

Are they the only effective medications for this mental health disorder? When you come to the hospital, the doctor will suggest or ask for some things. It is about your lifestyle and asks to change into a healthier lifestyle. You might not get the medicine or therapy before consuming healthy foods and beverage. They will ask for your sleep quality and exercise. If you do not apply one of them or all, you will get the medication. 

Although undergoing a healthy life does not give the fast-effect, the result keeps effective. Even, it is better because the side effect is almost nothing. Well, those are some information about the social anxiety disorder definition until the best treatments. Apply what you know today both for you and all people how need it. Good luck!