Good news for you or your nearest people who suffer a social anxiety disorder. Nowadays, there are many kinds of social anxiety disorder medications that are safe to use. Even, you can buy over-the-counter medication without a doctor's prescription. Is there any other solution that uses medicine? Yes, of course, and you will discuss it here together. The most important thing is there is a list of social anxiety disorder medication

So, you will satisfy and can save your life as well as other sufferers. Well, let’s check it!

social anxiety disorder medication side effects

9 Social Anxiety Disorder Medications List to socialize Normally

Social anxiety disorder or SAD differs from general anxiety disorders. The illness which includes mental health diseases also has the name of social phobia. It is because the sufferer often feels afraid to stay amid public space. They cannot stay for a long time when dating, having parties, eating in the restaurant, until public speaking.

Do not let it gets more severe but improve your life in society! Find the best social anxiety disorder medication list for you. Try to select the right medication for the SAD such as below:

1. Zoloft
Zoloft has a generic name of sertraline systemic and it includes selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors in drug class. For consumers, understand the dosage, interactions, and side effects. Meanwhile, the professionals must know AHFS DI Monograph and prescribing information.

2. Effexor XR
Secondly, there is Effexor XR as social anxiety disorder medication and depression. The generic name of the brand is venlafaxine systemic. The consumers must understand the dosage, interactions, also side effects while prescribing information is the task of professional.

3. Luvox CR
Luvox CR has its generic name fluvoxamine systemic. Then, the drug class still comes from selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Such as prior information, the consumers should perceive the dosage, interactions, and as well as side effects. For professionals, always follow AHFS DI Monograph and the prescribing information.

4. Paxil
Paroxetine system is its generic name and the drug class is still same like before. Even, the information on social anxiety disorder medication for consumers and professional is similar.

5. Venlafaxine
The generic name is venlafaxine systemic where it completes the ingredient of Effexor XR. Thus, the drug class is not different from that brand. However, consumers only need to know the dosage and interactions. For professionals, he must expose A-Z drug facts.

6. Fluvoxamine
The medication with the generic name of fluvoxamine systemic is the part of Luvox CR. This selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors must give the right dosage and interaction to the customers.

7. Risperidone
Risperidone systemic is generic and includes atypical antipsychotics. Off Label: Yes

8. Atomoxetine
It is a social anxiety disorder medication with the generic name of atomoxetine systemic and the drug class in CNS stimulants. The consumers should know well its dosage and interactions.

9. Pexeva
Pexeva with its generic name of paroxetine systemic and the drug class include the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
The consumers not only pay attention to the dosage and interaction but also understand the side effects. Meanwhile, the prescribing Information must exist on the medication.

Over-the-counter Social Anxiety Disorder Medication

social anxiety disorder medication side effects

Besides offering 9 kinds of social anxiety disorder medication brands, this page still saves one name. It is IBM Watson Micromedex which is prescription only. So, you cannot buy without the doctor’s prescription although it is available in drugstore or others. However, consider properly to take this medication because the FDA seems not to approve it for the treatment of this condition.

Best Therapy for the SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder)

social anxiety disorder medication side effects

Is social anxiety disorder best medication the only solution for your problem? There is an alternative to change the medication if you cannot drink the medicine. Therapy is the best way to change using CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy. You can combine therapy and medication. CBT generally needs about 12 to 16 therapy sessions to build confidence and learn social skills. Both things will help you manage the situations that make you afraid and bring you out into the world.

CBT method involves you and the therapist to identify your negative thoughts then start to change them. You will change your anxiety to be braver with focusing on the present.

CBT for social anxiety disorder treatment plan uses role-playing and social skills training. It realizes the purpose by giving the lessons in public speaking or learn how to navigate a party of strangers. Alongside that, you get a chance to practice on your own between the seasons.

Own Natural Medications for anxiety

Make the chemical medication and therapy as the second choice to heal. Firstly, you realize that you have a problem before it gets severe. When your condition is still light, you should prioritize a natural medication first. It can be in the form of:

Take a breath

social anxiety disorder medication side effects

This medication is useful when the disorder attack you or it is happening. Just take a breath slowly and do it for a while until you return your condition again

Do exercise regularly

social anxiety disorder medication over counter

Exercise does not oy make you healthier physically but also mentally. It is because the exercise can increase cortisol that raising a good mood. Do the light workouts regularly such as jogging, gym, swimming, and so on. 

Sleep enough sleep

social anxiety disorder medication over counter

Occasionally, anxiety disorder makes the sufferer insomnia but it can happen the opposite. Therefore, have enough sleeping time and quality to control the SAD.

Alcohol and caffeine
Alcohol and caffeine not only make you get the anxiety disorder. However, it can also emerge other serious illnesses.  Therefore, the recommendation to limit both beverages is very good. Avoid it!

Be brave to challenge and defeat your fear (social phobia). Do it slowly while loving yourself. Love yourself with changing your bad lifestyle. Consume many healthy foods and others including doing positive anxiety. Those things are the best social anxiety disorder medication before drinking the medicine. Due to you know what a torture the anxiety is, be kind-hearted to save other sufferers. Just with sharing to free up them!