Are you kinds of people that always feel anxious while meeting new people, eating in public places, and other conditions? If so, you may have an anxiety disorder in your life. In this matter, you need to know how to cope with social anxiety. By knowing it, you can do what is needed to avoid every anxious feeling that may come to you. So, let’s see the tips of how to cope with social anxiety at work and other places below carefully.

7 Best Tips on How to Deal with Social Anxiety

For you who want to figure out social anxiety that hunts you feeling, you have to find the right tips. There are many ways you can do to overcome this matter. Here are the seven best tips of how to deal with social anxiety you can follow.

1. Keep your healthy mind

how to cope with social anxiety disorder

This positive way can be the first thing to do when you want to avoid social anxiety. In your daily life, you should learn to do the best way to manage the negativities like stress, depression, and so on. When you do this way, social anxiety will not be easy to come to your mind.

2. Find help

how to cope with social anxiety disorder

When social anxiety comes to your mind, you can immediately see someone when you cannot solve it yourself. Do it soon and do not wait later tomorrow, or even next week. The best person to help you solve this problem is the doctor. However, people sometimes feel shy to see him or her. In this matter, when you experience this problem, you can phone a mental health helpline. Thus, you can freely talk about what you feel and ask for their help to solve it.

3. Maintain your better health
If you need a problem solving on how to deal with social anxiety, you have to improve your health. This problem cannot be coped with by a poor physical health condition. To maintain your health, you can do some things like exercising, eating healthy food, and also getting a well-balanced diet.

Besides, you are better to try to always stay away from drinking alcohol. To drink alcohol will not solve your problem but it will decrease the quality of your health instead. So, make sure you do not drink any kind of it.

Moreover, an exercise will also set up your social skill if you do it together with your family or friends. Since exercise always creates a fun activity, it is good to relax your mind. So, besides making a healthy body, it will also make your mind stay in a good mood.

4. Provide and use a journal

how to cope with social anxiety at school

The fourth way of how to help someone with social anxiety is to keep your journal. This action is important to see your record up to this time. Thus, you can see how much the improvement you did. In your journal, try to write everything about your though and experience you do. This action will help you to know when you do bad habits again and way of thinking negatively.

5. Write down your goal

how to cope with social anxiety at school

To make everything real and measurable, it important for you to write down your goal, include overcoming social anxiety. How to measure if you achieve your goal? Well, in this matter, you can make a self-assessment quiz of social anxiety and try to pass all of them. After you do the assessments, you can check what you write one by one to see how much your score is. If you reach all the quizzes, it means that you are successful to reach your goal and gets a good score.

6. Congratulate yourself

how to cope with social anxiety at school

Less congratulation and compliment can make you get social anxiety. In this case, it is important to congratulate yourself on something to be proud of. This way of how to help someone with social anxiety is the right choice to make you feel better. It will work well for the small achievement you get in your life.

7. Change negative feeling with the positive one
If you have a habit of seeing anything negatively, you will be easy to get social anxiety. It can happen especially when you meet a new thing strangely. So, just be optimistic and keep positive thinking to avoid getting anxiety easily. Do this way of how to make friends with social anxiety every time.

Three Main Characteristics of Social Anxiety Disorder

Concerning the tips on how to cope with social anxiety disorder, you have to know that there are three main characteristics. Have you known about it? If you have not known it yet, just follow this information below!

1. Panic attacks

how to cope with social anxiety at school

The first characteristic that you can know is people who have panic attacks. Since there are so many reasons, the social situation can increase. If it is like that, a panic attack can happen in your life. Moreover, why can a panic attack happen to you? Yea, it can happen because of having stress in the environment or on some activities. Besides, it is also caused because there is no trigger for the attacks. 

2. Disorder of gateway
Many people think that how to cope with social anxiety can be done by consuming alcohol or other courage drugs. Both are considered can reduce someone's worry and inhibitions. You need to know that this kind of disorder can easily lead someone to different forms of drug abuse or alcohol. Therefore, it should be treated if someone is struggling with this anxiety. 

3. Sweating
The last main characteristic is sweating. What do you know about it? Well, sweating is a bodily response that comes from stress, exertion, or heat. It means that someone who suffers from this kind of disorder can be sweating from the stress in their social environment. For example, is coming to a party or having dinner. Even though they still keep calm, the body responds to the stress by sweating. 

Those are the tips about social anxiety and how to deal with it you can do. Just follow all tips above to avoid any bad feeling coming to your mind. Keep the spirit to have a better condition.