Getting jobs for people with social anxiety probably becomes one of the hardest things that they faced when they grow up. Anxiety disorder itself can affect their life, including their career. 

So, sometimes it can be hard to find the best job for them. And especially for social disorder, it can be hard for career life because most of career in this world needs social interaction. However, there are some jobs that suitable for those who have a social anxiety disorder.

best jobs for social anxiety

4 Best Job for People with Social Disorder

Below are the lists of best jobs that you can try if you have an anxiety disorder.

1. Writer

best jobs for social anxiety

People with social anxiety can be a writer as a job. Writer in this advanced technology era can make you feel so much easier. Being a writer will not require you to get involved with many people that can trigger your anxiety. And one of the good things is that you can work alone so you can focus on the work that you do.

Nowadays, there are some types of writer. You can write any novel both in the printed and soft file; become a blogger and website content writer. 

Although it can be a hard profession if this is your passion you can live with it. Nowadays there are many freelance writer jobs that you can try to join. 

This is a flexible job so you can do it anywhere as you like and make it comfortable as you want. Being a freelance writer also could be social anxiety jobs from home.

2. Programmer/IT

best jobs for social anxiety

Working with technology can become the best for you. Anything related to programming and coding such as web developer suits with people with a social anxiety disorder. 

When you are working on this field, you will focus on a small team which can be the steps for you to heal your mental health disorder. The social interaction is limited, so you may enjoy the work.

Nowadays, being a programmer, web developer or any job that related to IT can be done from home too. If you like doing a job from home due to your anxiety, you can choose some freelance model which doesn’t require to go to the office. 

In this field, you may only communicate between supervisor and clients. Some other jobs related to IT is data analyst, network administrator, software developer, and graphic design or web designer.

3. Counselor

best jobs for social anxiety

You may think this is such a weird job because you will involve yourself with many people all day long. As a counselor, you will spend your time with people by talking and listen to them. If you want to face your social anxiety disorder, you can try this to help you.

The thing is that people with social anxiety tend to be a good listener. And this the reason counselor can be the best job for you. On the other side, they also have good empathy compared to others. So, why not trying to be a counselor?

4. Work in the medical field

best jobs for social anxiety

The last list of jobs for people with social anxiety is the job in the medical field. Why the medical field? This is because in the medical world nowadays the interaction between others is limited. Focus on the work is the priority when you are working in medical fields.

Some of the medical jobs for people with anxiety are including biomedical engineering and medical scanning technician. If one of these makes you interested then go for it.

How to Find a Suitable Job?

If you have a social anxiety disorder, finding the best job for you is not easy. Such an example, maybe none of the four above is what you are looking for. Or maybe you have no talent on the four mentioned above.  But you don’t need to worry, you can try step by step to find the best for you. 

To find the best job for you, you need to realize your strength and weakness. Then, you need to know the best part of you and your limitations. 

Since you have social anxiety, you also need to realize about the situations that you can deal with. If you are already in treatment, you may try some career with wider social interaction. Figure out what makes you triggered and how you should deal with it if it happens. 

Remember that you are not your social anxiety, which means that you can still work on your style. Be flexible and also open-minded that doing a job needs a professional personality that you need to consider. Sometimes, how you interact with people on your work can also help you heal your anxiety. Remember it!

When you apply for a job, you can talk about your anxiety disorder if needed. Sometimes, your supervisor needs to know your personality so that he can help you in the future. 

But you don’t need to be open about this. If you think you don’t need to talk about it, then don’t tell and promise yourself that you can do it well.

Job for teenager with social anxiety

Are you a teenager or fresh graduate with social disorder and currently looking for a job? Lucky, there is some best starter job for someone with social anxiety. 

Some jobs that are suitable for teenager with anxiety are including librarian, private tutor, dog walker, and supermarket shelf stacking. As a dog walker, it may lead you to be a professional dog trainer in the future.

Other jobs for 18-year-old with anxiety you can choose are including work in a factory, security guard, data entry clerk and as a driver. There are so many choices; you can even become a social media admin nowadays that most big companies need. 

When you choose the job, make sure you like it and enjoy it. You should realize enough that you should fight your disorder and face reality. The more you stay away from social interaction, your social anxiety disorder will get worse. You should also change your mind that the job will help you to deal with the anxiety. Still, find a job for people with social anxiety is hard for you? One thing you can do, it is to have a consultation with your doctor or psychiatrist. Don’t be afraid and fight your anxiety!