Social anxiety disorder or social phobia emerges with a history. Genetic factor, environment, brain structure/ biological, and society are the main factors of the SAD. Understand those factors to know how to overcome social anxiety.  If you know the factor that causes the SAD on you, the medication will be suitable on target. Do not make your disorder as a burden until you think it deeply. In spite of this, take it easy as though you never suffer it. Then, you can do it by using the the best treatment for social anxiety disorder.

How to overcome Social Anxiety
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How to Deal with Social Anxiety with knowing the cause

Not only social phobia but also all illnesses will not remedy without a diagnose. So, you have to learn the above factors to use how to deal with social anxiety rightly. Let’s see the detail information on those factors:

A new fact reveals that social phobia may occur since the sufferer was a child. They might get bad experience from their environment (family, friends, or others). Usually, what he or she got emerge a deep trauma or unforgettable fear. If it the factor that makes you have the SAD, find out how to deal with social anxiety immediately.

Bullying from friends includes the factor of society too. On the other hands, you might have ever stayed in somewhere with different culture and rule. You might be afraid of the rule and the punishment if you violate it.


How to overcome Social Anxiety

How do you overcome social anxiety if the cause comes from the genetic factor? Never think that it cannot get treatment or medication. The most important thing is you search who do your family members that have the SAD too. Afterward, ask for them how to get over social anxiety or whether they still suffer it?

Brain Structure
The brain structure or biological is the last factor causing the sad. It occurs on the limbic system that controls the mood and anxiety levels. The system has an amygdala (uh-MIG-duh-luh) which control a fear response. When it overactive and cause fear or anxiety, the amygdala is increasing the blood flow. By the way, you can detect it if you conduct a test namely PET (Positron Emission Tomography). It turns out the neurotransmitter disorder that is getting unbalance chemical in the brain can the SAD. Usually, the neurotransmitter cannot send a signal from one cell to another.

How to Treat Social Anxiety with 6 Tips

In these parts, you will see 6 ways how to treat social anxiety effectively. You can start from:

1. Make a rational view
Have rational thinking is very important to prevent your anxiety comes. Change your negative thinking with a more rational and realistic view. If you do not do it, your mind will be messier and damage your life.

2. Determine your objective or purpose
To change your old view, you need a fixed objective to do positive activities. You can start with building confidence when your public speaking and let others their rate.

3. Arrange a hierarchy exposure
What is hierarchy exposure? It is a list of things making you feel anxiety in social life. The exposure resembles a stair to describe the level of your SAD. One hierarchy exposure is ideal for  10 situations along with the rate. Ask it for foreign about the solution to overcome it. 

4. Manage it independently
Try to control what to suffer alone before you use a medicine or therapy. You should do it step by step from the lightest thing until the heaviest anxiety.

How to overcome Social Anxiety
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5. Take a breath
Usually, the sufferers know when they will get social anxiety disorder. If you can detect it, let’s take a breath! Take the air and throw slowly through the nose for some minutes. It will be better again if you conduct this how to manage social anxiety every day. So, it becomes a good habit to your body not only for this mental health illness. 

6. Therapy
CBT is the most popular treatment for social phobia or social anxiety disorder. The therapy of cognitive behavior therapy needs teamwork to conduct. At least, it consists of you and your therapist to learn about social life. Usually, the therapist will give you the lesson of public speaking and gives the change to practice.

Medic and Non-medic Social Anxiety Solutions

Now, this page offers some tips to solve your anxiety disorder in society. Here, you will read how to handle social anxiety in some tips:

Some medications effective to heal the social phobia but they are under doctor's prescription. You can visit your doctor to get Antidepressant, Beta-blocker, Benzodiazepine, or others according to their's recommendation. Besides, there are SNRIs (serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors) and SSRIs (selective serotine reuptake inhibitors). 

No-medication or natural medication
You can make a cup of tea from chamomile, lavender, kava root and so on. There are also vetiver, valerian root, and 5-HTP. You can consume some of them in other ideas. 

Life better

How to overcome Social Anxiety
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It means you must have a life better from your activities and diet. Doing exercise regularly, add omega in your foods are good so much. If you want to drink alcohol or caffeine, just do it when you need it. Do not make it a habit or you can leave it at once. Then, have enough sleep every day and try to take a nap. Lack of sleeping not only emerge the SAD but also many heavy diseases will come. Your skin will not look fresh and it can make you easy to tired. 

Join the social skill class in your town and being a volunteer. You can also train to speak bravely both in front of your mirror or people directly. Once more, stop smoking and never say that cigarette is the heal for anxiety. Cigarette contains addictive essence where it only makes you addicted not be better. Okay, those are some recommendation on how to heal social anxiety. You can take one of the most suitable methods for you. If you want to use medicine, keep asking for your doctor first. Hopefully, you can overcome your mental disorder and live better with your nearest also new people. Good luck!