What is an unspecified anxiety disorder? Well, it is a distressing feeling that will disturb your ability to work normally in some social situations. For you who have ever felt this disorder, it may happen again to you some days later. In this matter, you need to know some types of anxiety disorders and the risk factors that may cause this disorder to happen. Thus, your condition will not go worse due to it.

10 Kinds of Unspecified Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Concerning unspecified anxiety disorder Symptoms, you need to know some kinds of it. So, don't wait for a long time to check the kinds in this following information! Here we go.

1. Panic attacks

unspecified anxiety disorder

It shows the intense anxiety and fear feelings so that it causes attacks of panic. In this case, you may have shortness of breath, fluttering or heart palpitations, chest pain, or impending doom feelings. Therefore, these kinds of panic attacks may lead you to worry about them happening again. Or, it can also avoid the situations that have occurred.

2. Agoraphobia
The second kind of unspecified anxiety disorder with panic attacks is agoraphobia. What do you know about it? It shows the condition of fear and avoids the situations that make you feel helpless, embarrassed and trapped.

3. Disorder of social anxiety
You can also call this kind of anxiety with social phobia. It is classified into high levels of anxiety and fear. Besides, people who have this anxiety will avoid social situations because embarrassment feeling, self-consciousness, or concern viewed negatively by others.

4. Generalized anxiety disorder
It is also included in unspecified anxiety disorder. In this case, people have excessive and persistent anxiety and even worry about ordinary events or routine issues. Then, you need to know that the worry is out of proportion to the actual circumstance. Even, it is not easy to control your feeling and affect it. It can happen along with depression.

5. Separation anxiety disorder
It is a childhood disorder that is characterized by excessive anxiety for the level of a child's development. On the other hand, it is also related to the parents' separation or others who have parental roles.

6. Anxiety disorder
What does it mean? It means that the anxiety disorder that is caused by a medical condition. So, it is like intense anxiety or panic symptoms. Both of them are surely caused by a problem with physical health. For example, the increased heart rate and breathing rapidly or hyperventilation.

7. Disorder of substance-induced anxiety
How about this anxiety disorder? Well, it is indicated by the intense anxiety or panic symptoms. You have to know that both of them are the direct result of taking medications and misusing drugs. Besides, it is also exposing a toxic substance or withdrawal from drugs.

8. Specific phobias
The next unspecified anxiety disorder is specific phobias. What about this one? Yea, it is indicated by the major anxiety. It may happen to someone when he or she is exposed to a specific situation and have a want to avoid it. Besides, phobias also affect the panic attacks in some people.

9. Optional mutism
Have you ever heard about it? It is like a speaking failure for children in certain situations. It may happen at school or home with the members of close family. Exactly, it can disturb everything with school, work, and social function.

10. Other disorder of specified and unspecified anxiety
This case happens when certain people get anxiety or phobias in which the feeling isn’t kind of any other anxiety disorder criteria. Although those disorders are not categorized as the exact criteria of specified or unspecified anxiety disorder, they are distressing and disruptive so much.

Some Risk Factors that Can Cause Anxiety Disorder

To prevent unspecified anxiety disorder come to you, you have to know the risk factors. Thus, you can avoid the factors and stay away from this disorder. Have a good look at the explanation below to know the risk factors of anxiety disorder.

1. Drug and alcohol

unspecified anxiety disorder

Drugs and alcohol can cause your body to work abnormally. When you often use and consume those matters, you will be addicted. When it happens, it will be easier for you to get worsen anxiety disorder since they contain several dangerous materials. So, to maintain your condition well, stay away from drugs and alcohol.

2. Trauma
Some people who have ever witnessed a miserable or traumatic event, are possible to get anxiety disorder. it can happen to those who get difficulties to forget the past event.

3. Stress buildup
This matter has a big possibility to make anyone who experiences it gets excessive anxiety. Some matters may lead you to get stress buildup. They are such as work stress, the worry of finances, family death, and so on.

4. Other mental health disorder
Unspecified anxiety disorder will also come to someone who has other mental health disorders. Depression is the most possible matter that can cause this disorder to happen quickly to someone who experiences it.

5. Stress caused by an illness

unspecified anxiety disorder

Do you know that a serious illness can lead to anxiety disorder? It happens to many people that have an illness and they worry about it so much. They are afraid of some issues related to the difficult treatment and bad future they may get.

6. Character

unspecified anxiety disorder

Do you have types of a certain character? If so, you must be careful since it causes an anxiety disorder. You can get a higher risk of meet this disorder if you have personality types that are so different from others.

7. Blood relatives
The last matter that can cause an anxiety disorder to you is blood relatives. If your parents or one of your family members has got anxiety disorder, there will be a possibility for you to also get it. 

Well, that is all about the types and risk factors of unspecified anxiety disorder you should recognize. After knowing them, hopefully, you can do some best tips to avoid this disorder come to you. Just stay healthy and manage your anxiety so that it will not cause bad things to you.

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