Distressed Wood Flooring

Distressed Wood Flooring. There are many different methods you can use when distressing wood, but the core. The flooring has been intentionally distressed by adding imperfections to enhance the charm and appeal of the hardwood.

Antique Mixed Hardwoods Distressed – Mountain Lumber Company
Antique Mixed Hardwoods Distressed – Mountain Lumber Company (Emilie Jennings)
The edges are sanded for a more rustic-distressed look. Whether you are distressing a new floor or an old one, you need to give everything a light sanding prior to starting. North America is the only area left where.

This smooths out surface imperfections, cleans up the wood, and prepares the.

Our reclaimed & distressed wood flooring are in stock at amazing prices.

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Antique Mixed Hardwoods Distressed – Mountain Lumber Company

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Hardwood floors are easier to keep clean and require less ongoing maintenance than carpeting. These boards have been heavily brushed and cracks chased & filled giving a vintage reclaimed wood look. Affordable flooring made in Europe Engineered Flooring with click system now in stock Herringbone Parquet Visit Hardwood Planet Canadian Maple Hardwood.