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Recipe: Yummy Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls. You know what's better than cinnamon rolls? you guess it, chocolate cinnamon rolls. I can't even explain how amazing warm and chocolaty cinnamon rolls right oven the oven taste! Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls - Quick and easy Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls made with refrigerated dough, chocolate chips, and cinnamon.

Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls Once you bite into these delicious chocolate cinnamon rolls, you will be shocked to know they are so easy to make. Ever since we found out we Aside from adding it to your daily smoothie, here is a recipe for Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls that will. Easy homemade cinnamon rolls with a rich chocolate-hazelnut filling and vanilla glaze. You can have Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls using 11 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Prepare of all-purpose flour.
  2. Prepare of milk.
  3. It's of vinegar.
  4. It's of sugar powder.
  5. You need of grated chocolate.
  6. Prepare of cinnamon powder.
  7. You need of melted butter.
  8. You need of salt.
  9. Prepare of choco chips.
  10. It's of Baking powder.
  11. You need of baking soda.

There's just something about warm fluffy cinnamon rolls, straight out of the oven. These vegan chocolate cinnamon rolls will blow you away! Absolutely the best vegan cinnamon rolls ever created. Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Rolls are the PERFECT treat for the holidays!

Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls instructions

  1. Take a bowl add milk, pour vinegar mix it and cover rest for 10 minutes. Now take a parat add all-purpose flour add baking powder, baking soda..
  2. Now add sugar powder mix it now add melted butter, add vinegar milk maka a soft dough. Rest for 10 minutes covered it..
  3. Now take a bowl take grated chocolate add cinnamon powder add 1 tbsp butter..
  4. Now take dough roll out rectangle shape design. Spread chocolate Cinnamon mixture evenly and book fold method pack it.Now cut into 6 parts.
  5. Now take 1 part cut into the center now twist it like choti,and twist and pack it place into muffins molds. And place it preheated kadai on a plate and Backed 20 -25 minutes low to medium flame..
  6. Now serve by sprinkling sugar powder..

Learn how to make Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls. Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls - easy no yeast chocolate rolls filled with a gooey cinnamon filling. These no yeast Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls with cream cheese frosting are even better than the best. Sprinkle this over your buttered dough. Delicious & Easy Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls for a yummy brunch with family!