Nursing Care Of Anxiety Pictures

Nursing Care Of Anxiety
. Treatment of anxiety disorders usually involves medication and therapy. (if the nursing intervention did not work, try to reassess the patient and make another nursing care plan).

NCP Care Plans: May 2011
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A combination of both produces better results than either one alone. Review familial and physiological factors (e.g. After 4 hours of nursing intervention, the patient's anxiety level was gradually decreased to manageable level.

Keep threatening equipment out of sight. anxiety may escalate with excessive conversation, noise, and equipment around the patient.

Stay calm and be nonthreatening. There's a plethora of effective nursing interventions for anxiety, but tailoring them to each individual is essential. In this plan, a person is set free from anxiety attacks and panic attacks. The anxiety patient does not exactly know the reason behind his fear and assumes the negative outcome of that feeling of utter discomfort.