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Nursing Goals For Asthma
. The goal is to manage the disease so that patients with asthma, at any age, can be as active as possible. Asthma is a chronic condition that involves the narrowing and/or swelling of the airways, causing difficulty of asthma is sometimes referred to as reactive airway disease or bronchial asthma.

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Learn asthma in our free nursing course. Goals of asthma management the goals of asthma management are to: Teach and monitor correct inhaler techniques teach how students can 14 goal 3:

Some people with asthma may find that steam is irritating to their chests.

Asthma education for parents and guardians of students with asthma: Medical & surgical nursing (notes). Asthma is a respiratory condition with chronic inflammation of the bronchioles and bronchoconstriction. They have policies and procedures that allow students to successfully manage their asthma.