Possible Nursing Diagnosis Examples

Possible Nursing Diagnosis Examples. To begin with, find out more about the issue and that means it is possible to incorporate details to your own proposal. These diagnoses drive possible interventions for the patient, family, and community.

Nursing Care Plan : Deficient knowledge regarding condition
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Identify the patient's response, not the medical diagnosis. Nursing diagnosis is the second step of the nursing process. For example, you could write, chronic confusion secondary to possible traumatic brain injury as evidenced by disorientation and cognitive dysfunction.

Is nursing diagnosis a negative label?

Example of risk nursing diagnosis is: Loss of self as perceived prior to trauma or other actual/perceived losses incurred during or following traumatic event. This represents a diagnoses that has been validated by the presence of major defining characteristics. Demonstrate examples of written or electronic nursing care plans using the computer printout method, standardized care plan, and a formal written.