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Nursing Diagnosis Of Prom Pictures

Nursing Diagnosis Of Prom
. The preliminary group was formed in 1973 after a conference was called for the purpose of classifying a list of nursing diagnoses grouped in alphabetical order. Prom is rupture of the chorion and amnion 1 hour or more before the onset of labor.

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Differentiating nursing diagnoses, medical diagnoses, and collaborative problems. Premature rupture of membranes, prom, or rom (rupture of membranes). The gestational age of the fetus and estimates of viability affect management.

Nanda nursing diagnosis list is made by nanda international which stands for north american nursing diagnosis association.

It is organized by nursing diagnosis and has interventions and rationales for each diagnosis. List or database of nanda nursing diagnosis examples with their definitions that you can read to learn more about them or use them in developing your nursing care plans. The nursing diagnosis drives interventions and patient outcomes, enabling the nurse to develop the patient care plan. The number of separate nursing diagnoses present.