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Anxiety Nursing Diagnosis Example
. Nursing diagnosis & nursing care plan for anxiety. Situation where a parent or a person with a dependent child changes roles or role appear to change due to intrinsic factors (illness, hospitalization, divorce, separation, for example).

Sample nursing care plan anxiety
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An example, an overweight client with spinal cord injury is at risk for impaired skin integrity. Fear related to phobic stimulus, being in place or situation from which escape might be difficult. Physical disease may present with symptoms that can easily be mistaken for example, drinking lots of coffee can lead to anxiety and panic attacks;

Nursing diagnosis death anxiety (00147) in the nanda international taxonomy.

Anxiety related to actual loss of significant others secondary to divorce and potential death of a loved one as evidence by patient description of her anxiety attacks, blood pressure and heart rate eleveation, and situational issues currently in the patient life. Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety during their lifetime. There are many elements that may trigger anxiety attacks it may be a fear of an unknown person or an accident, it may a situation of uncertainty that the patient fails to handle, the racing and circular thoughts are sometime the major reason behind an anxiety attack. For example, you may feel worried and anxious about sitting an examination or to help with the diagnosis, your gp may also carry out a physical examination in order to rule out any other conditions which may be causing your symptoms.