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Best Lamictal Reviews For Depression Pics

Best Lamictal Reviews For Depression
. Unfortunately over the course of a year, there were some side effects. I am a 17 year old girl.

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Unipolar depression is what most people think of when they hear the term depression. I have bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. Lamotrigine is sometimes used to treat episodes of depression in bipolar disorder, and some people continue taking it as a mood stabiliser to help prevent future depressive episodes.

It has few side effects but it can take awhile to get up to a therapudic dose because you have to increase your dose.

Reviews summary | drug safety information. The lamictal diaries is a mood tracker and side effect diary as i titrate up to a therapeutic dose of lamictal/lamotrigine for major depressive disorder with psychotic features. There are many potential side effects that could contribute to. The lamictal helped with the depression and dark thoughts.