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Death Anxiety Nursing Diagnosis
. • *this nursing diagnosis is difficult to address, as the related factors and defining characteristics are in fact the outcome/evaluation cr. Can nursing diagnoses violate confidentiality?

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The staff at the nursing or residential home. Additionally, we grouped nursing diagnoses and interventions that appeared in patients' care plans in order to determine whether these diagnoses or interventions had any effect on the comfortable death outcome. Anxiety, death, 88 • bleeding, risk for, 93 • blood glucose level, risk for unstable, 94 • body temperature.

The results support the need to either exclude the diagnosis from the taxonomy or adjust its content.

Application of nursing process and nursing diagnosis. There are many elements that may trigger anxiety attacks it may be a fear of an unknown person or an accident, it may a situation of uncertainty that the patient fails to. Lesson on generalized anxiety disorder: Nursing diagnosis & nursing care plan for anxiety.