Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM is the best way to treat people and a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners knows well how to use herbal products in treatment. No side effects on Herbal products that is the best Benefits.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient healing method that has gained tremendous popularity in recent time. The methods like Gua-Sha, Electro-acupuncture, Chi-Kung, Tui Na Massage or Acupressure, etc. area already popular around the globe. 

In a recent debate, a lot of people and celebrities are favoring to adopt the traditional Chinese medicines a better alternative to health treatment. 

Researchers are proving the efficacy of these medicines on various lifestyle and terminal diseases.

The Principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine

These medicines work on the principle that our body is a whole, and our mind and emotion are entirely connected. A Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners understands that body, mind, emotions, and spirit are interlinked, and excess of any emotion can disturb the function and balance of its interrelated organ. 

At the same time, the imbalanced function of an organ also affects the emotional state of a person. Each therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on Qi or the self-healing ability. 

We all are born with a self-healing ability and by the application of a particular healing method,Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners recharge that self-healing function in our body.

From Acupuncture to Electro-acupuncture

Acupuncture is a method used to cure several diseases and acute health conditions, but now the practitioners have modified it. They have started using electricity in acupuncture needle to maximize the outcome. This new method of acupuncture is called Electro-acupuncture. 

Recently, a study suggested that acupuncture along with the mild electric current could be effective in acute constipation. Acupuncture is an age-old therapy, which is widely prevalent around the world.

Cupping Therapy

The Cupping Therapy is a type of reverse massage. Instead of pushing the muscle in the body, suction is used to pull the tissue upward to help it release gently. 

This therapy uses specially designed cups to create suction through the use of heat or a vacuum device. The Cupping therapy is gaining a lot of attention these days, many sports person and celebrities are also following it. 

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A circular bruise mark was seen on the back of swimmer Michael Phelps while he was performing in the Olympic games at Rio. Earlier, Hollywood Divas like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow were also seen sporting their cupping marks.

Acupuncture point Injection therapy

Vitamin Injections are very popular with celebrities, and people are grabbing this idea in recent times. The acupuncture point injection therapy includes the vitamin injections on the different acupuncture point of the body for curing a serious condition like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, muscular degeneration, fibromyalgia, etc. 

According to the research doneby the University of Adelaide, Australia, the compound Kushen injections are helpful in the treatment of cancer. According to a study, the injection of Vitamin K on the acupuncture point helps in alleviating the menstrual pain.

So, next time you feel that your body is losing its balance, you can contact the Chinese traditional medicine practitioner and opt for this amazing oriental therapy to strike the balance between your body, mind, and soul.