Teeth Whitening Kit Wholesale

We’re not going to lie – discoloured teeth are an annoyingly bad look. Being dentists, we are qualified to tell you this, we deal with it every day. So, we designed the first actual dentist created teeth whitening kit for dental grade results from home.

teeth whitening kit dental cleanser


  1.  Whiter teeth instantly
  2.  Rejuvenate teeth for a youthful smile
  3.  No sensitivity & Non invasive
  4.  Quickly and easily improve your smile
  5.  Use at home
  6.  Confidence boost
  7.  Smile more
  8.  Make good first impressions


Our 8 week clinical study, 50 women and 50 men using White Smile Pro once daily for 6 days:

  •  98% experienced improvement of 3 shades
  •  91% saw instant shade improvement
  •  89% felt no sensitivity
  •  96% were more confident to smile after use

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The difference lies in our next generation 5.0 advanced formula teeth whitening gels – being dentists only we can sell these gels. Our gels are uniquely engineered for superior whitening results by our lead cosmetic dentist. All other well known kits are non-dentist created.