Have you ever wonder what is social anxiety disorder? This mental health disorder is also usually known as social phobia or fear of social interaction. Many people suffer from this disorder but not all of them understand this mental health issue. It is still a lack of attention on this issue compared to physical illness. And to raise awareness of this issue, find the explanation about social anxiety disorder definition and all about it below. 

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What is Social Anxiety Disorder: Know the Definition 

First thing you should know about what is social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety is a condition of fear in a social situation. It is more than just shy or nervous because it is more into fear of particular social situation things. Some social situations are including meeting new people, interviewing, or giving a speech. 

For those who suffer from this disorder, they will feel very anxious and feel like watched by others. They will also feel that everyone will notice them. And this situation is frightening so as a result, this will ruin your life. Some other feeling that they may feel is including feel being judged or embarrassed in public and even you have negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are such as thinking that they will hurt you, judged or anyone will think that you a bad person.

The Factor of Social Anxiety 

After knowing about what is social anxiety disorder, you should know the factor of it. It’s still not sure about the factors that caused social anxiety. But some researchers found that undeveloped social interaction is the major factor that can lead to this disorder. Genetics is also likely to be the factor that may cause this social phobia. In younger age, there are more possible factors such as bullying, history of abuse, trauma, and teasing. 

Alongside factor, many things can trigger this disorder. Some of the things that can trigger this disorder are talking with a stranger, public speaking, performance on the stage, and being criticized.

You may also feel fear if you face these situations such as taking exams, dating, called in front of the class, and eating in public. These things will make you feel not confident and uncomfortable which then will trigger your social phobia. 

Symptoms and Signs of Social Phobia

Although there are so many social anxiety disorder symptoms and signs that you can find here, it doesn’t mean that you have that social phobia. Never self-diagnose because it can affect your mental health. The only doctor can decide if you have it or not. And some of the symptoms or signs that you may have social anxiety are including. 

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1.     Emotional signs

There emotional signs and symptoms are including feeling self-consciousness and anxiety almost in your daily social interaction. Intense of feeling worried in particular time such as in a range time of days, weeks, even months before the social interaction. It is like you are already worried about future social interactions. You also feel afraid if someone watching you or judge you, mainly the people who don’t know you. 

2.     Physical signs

While the physical signs and symptoms are including having a red face or blushing, shortness of breath and nausea. In some case, the signs may also include trembling, even a shaky voice. Some other common physical signs of social anxiety disorder are such as seating, tightness in the chest and feeling dizzy. 

Apart from those two signs and symptoms, those who have social anxiety disorder usually will avoid social situations, being quiet and hiding. These are the basic signs that usually found, but the professional assessment is that you need to make sure if you have this social phobia. 

Treatment for people with Social Phobia

There are two types of social anxiety disorder treatments so far. The first one is therapy and the second one is treated. Doctor or psychiatrist will decide one of them or can combine both treatments.  So, what are the treatments?

1. Therapy 

If you visit the professional, you can choose a therapy to treat your anxiety. The most-known therapy method is called CBT. CBT stands from cognitive-behavioral therapy. Many people said that CBT is the best social anxiety disorder therapy. 

CBT for people with an anxiety disorder may involve several activities such as learning to control the physical symptoms. Taking a deep breath usually the first thing that you will learn because controlling your breath will affect much to deal with anxiety. 

 It will also help you to deal with the negative thoughts that usually trigger you to an anxious situation. This is helpful to make your life more balanced by using new views of life. The last thing that may involve is to help you face the situations that you frightened of. Rather than avoiding them, the doctor will treat you how to overcome the fear in a systematic way. 

2. Medication 

While the medication for social anxiety disorder has many types. In this type of therapy, you will get medicine as part of your therapy. There are many types of social anxiety disorder medication. 

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Some examples are including beta-blockers, antidepressant, and benzodiazepines. Each of them has their type of medicine. The medicine itself works differently. Such an example, the SSRIs include an antidepressant type. The medicine will work by stopping the nerve cell in the brain.

Unfortunately, some of the social anxiety disorder medication above can have a side effect. Some example of the effects is including nausea, blurry vision, dry mouth, and fatigue. But it not happens to every people who take the medication. If you take it and the effect disturb you, you need to talk to your doctor. 

Some Useful Tips

There are some useful tips for you if you feel that you have this social phobia. You need to list down your fear and negative thoughts. Visit a doctor or psychiatrist to make sure that you diagnose with the anxiety disorder. The doctor will decide the right treatment for you. 

For self-healing, you need to practice to control your breathing and change your negative thoughts. Rather than avoid them, you need to face all the fear. You can try to get yourself more connected so you get used to social interaction. 

That’s all about what is social anxiety disorder and the things you should know about it. By knowing it all, it can raise awareness about mental health disorder to society.