Each SAD sufferers surely had ever submitted a question of why do I have social anxiety? It is normal because this mental health illness makes each sufferer feels so torture. Alongside that, they also never know when it initially come and what is the cause. The information of the SAD is certainly very important to understand. 

It is the first step that will be extremely useful to do the next step is that treatment. There are many kinds of social anxiety disorder medication.  However, only with knowing its causes you can heal rightly.

why do i have social anxiety disorder

Why do I have Social Anxiety: 4 Common Causes that will answer Your Question

For you and most SAD sufferers, this information of course very essential to get. Moreover, they want to apart from this case as soon as possible. 

Even though, how do say that it what you feel include the SAD? Have you ever find out or read about this disorder before? Well, let's recall what social anxiety is to answer why do I have social anxiety? It is one of the anxieties that happens when you are in the middle of public space. It can be in the meeting, dating, or just eating in the restaurant.

When you read on the causes and symptoms of social anxiety, you surely get a lot of information. You might be a headache and this page understands it so much. Therefore, it tries to summarize them into readable and easy to understand. 

Here are 4 social anxiety causes. 

1. Brain Structure

It turns out the brain structure can cause someone getting the SAD. This vital organ has four parts which have an important role to increase the disorder. 

The limbic system is the part of the brain that involves the anxiety level and mood effects. The function of brain stem is to manage the rate of heart and breathing.The prefrontal cortex has a role to appraise danger and risk. Afterward, there is a motor cortex controls your muscle. 

To know that your anxiety disorder comes from the biological factor or the brain structure, you should conduct a test. PET (Positron Emission Tomography) is the test which will show the SAD. 

It detects the illnesses in the amygdala (uh-MIG-duh-luh) that getting an increase in the blood flow.

why do i have social anxiety around my family

Amygdala is the structure which becomes the part of the limbic system play a role in controlling the fear response. 

Besides that, there is another causes why do I get social anxiety? Your brain is getting a neurotransmitter disorder that makes current unbalance chemical in the brain. On the other hands, the neurotransmitter cannot send a signal from one cell to another.

2. Genetic or inherited traits

It turns out the SAD or GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) may occur because of the genetic factor. Now, find your family member who has the same mental health condition as you. 

Who knows it is the heritage of your mother, father, grandparents, or others? It sounds quite complicated to overcome, is it true?

3. Environment

The factor of environment often becomes the cause of the SAD on kids. Usually, they find a bitter life experience both from its family, friends, or others. 

You may get a bad action from your parents until you get a trauma. Unluckily, you only save it without trying to overcome. So, your SAD take place until you are an adult.

4. Society

Lastly, discover the answer to why do I have bad social anxiety on society. You might have ever stayed in somewhere and you find a different culture. The culture or the rule might sound horrible until you feel afraid if you get it. 

Why do I have Social Anxiety: Stop to ask but heal it Immediately

Well, those are four factors making you are possible to get social anxiety disorder or social phobia. Hopefully, the information above does not make you more dizzy and restless. Up to now, no medication heals the SAD but most of them only relieve it temporarily. 

Nonetheless, it does not mean you become passive and do not do anything. Who knows that statement is not right? You should keep the spirit to prevent the disorder to come back again.

Do not only ask why do I have social anxiety but identify the cause and treat it soon. You can use some ways to relieve it temporary or in the long-term. It consists of:

1. Own a healthy lifestyle

Check how to do your lifestyle now! You might undergo an unhealthy life and many bad habits but you never realize it all this time. 

Change your foods with healthier kinds and limit or avoid alcohol. Alcohol, caffeine, until junk foods may cause anxiety disorder and other heavy diseases.

Besides paying attention to the diet or food, improve your exercise. Do workout regularly both an hour every day, once a week, or twice a week. You can choose one of your favorite sport to do. Usually, people feel fresher after exercising both on the body and mood. 

why do i have social anxiety around my family

By the way, it is not only your feeling but also the exercise increase cortisol. It is a chemical in the body which can emerge a good mood or a happy feeling.  

2. Take a breath

Taking a breath is the only aid that you can do when the SAD attacks you. Let's take a breath slowly from your nose but using a diaphragm. Take and throw through your nose slowly for some minutes.

3. Natural treatment

Change your alcohol with a chamomile tea where it has a calming character. You can also use a lavender, vetiver, kava root, valerian root, 5-HTP, and so on. It turns out those natural remedies can answer why do I have so much social anxiety surprisingly. 

4. Prescription medication

There are many prescription medications that you can use to heal the SAD. It is such as Benzodiazepines, selective serotine reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs).

5. Therapy

CBT or Cognitive Behavior Therapy is the alternative to heal the SAD. It teaches you to socialize and practice alone under your therapist control. 

Besides doing those tips, do not forget to keep track of your sleeping. Always get enough sleeping time and quality so that you can avoid the SAD. Stop thinking why do I have social anxiety but do not think it. Just take it easy and keep trying to heal.