jenna shea age

Who is the American Model Jenna Shea?

Jenna Shea is a famous model and adult content creator based in America. Shea has massive popularity due to her online presence alone. She thrives on creating adult content and helping people who want to pursue the same industry.

Shea has over six million Instagram followers, and she skillfully uses the platform to promote her other work. And Shea provides online workshops to teach people how to grow their social media and create an OnlyFans page. 

She has been on different interviews and podcasts discussing her line of work and success stories Jenna helped create. Read more about Shea as follows.

jenna shea age

jenna shea age

Jenna Shea Age, Height, Birthday, Parents

Jenna does not talk about her childhood, family or siblings on media. Various sources mention that she is from Inglewood, California, United States. Her birthday fell on September 8, 1985. Shea has American citizenship.

Some sources mention she belongs to Polish ancestry. Shea does not reveal where she went to college or school. She stands at five feet, four inches, with an hourglass body. Shea has blonde hair and brown eyes. She weighs around fifty-five kilograms.

Jenna Shea Boyfriend

Sources mention that Jenna dated the musical artist Aaron Carter before. They went out for a few months only. The couple said they even wanted a kid together, but things did not work out as planned.

Some sources say Shea was in a relationship with Lil Wayne. There was a lot of rumours about the two. And the statement Shea made about feeling bored during her time with the rapper when they were in Miami caused a lot of drama and controversy on media.

Jenna is famous for dating celebrities and NBL players. She makes it clear that she likes to date men of mixed, Hispanic and black ethnicity. 

Some other stars Shea was with are Soulja Boy, James Harden, French Montana, Tyga and Austin Day. Shea lives with her pet cat as of now. She used to have a pet Pitbull, but sadly he died.

Jenna Shea Net Career

Jenna Shea is famous for her work as a Glamour Candy Model in America. Similarly, she worked with the publication named Crazy and SHOW.

Shea has been working on her career as an Instagram model and adult content creators for a few years. Some sources mention that Shea has a history of working as an escort for people in the media. At present, she creates adult content on OnlyFans.

And, the thirty-five-year-old provides beginner workshops for creating an OnlyFans account, growing an Instagram presence, and promoting the content. 

She has been working to help people hustle and earn money in the adult content industry. Jenna mentioned it in an interview in January. She makes over a million dollars on OnlyFans alone.

Jenna Shea Net Worth

Jenna has a net worth of over $ 1 million. She earns from social media promotion of various brands, and her OnlyFans subscriptions are a source of income. Jenna offers the rates for brand promotion on her website as a social media influencer.

The prices are $ 400 for putting an advertisement on her Instagram post for an hour, $ 650 for two hours and $ 500 for the Instagram story. There are different prices for the Facebook shoutout, Snapchat promo and Facebook posts too.

Similarly, Shea has her merchandise store. It offers t-shirts, hoodies, swimsuits, fanny packs, hats and tank tops for people of all genders. 

The prices begin from $ 20. Shea has over six thousand subscribers on YouTube. She launched it on September 25, 2010. Shea uploads video logs, reactions and interviews on her YouTube channel.

Fun Facts About Jenna Shea:
  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • She comes from Polish ancestry.
  • Her actual name is Jenna Shea Cosgrove.
  • Jenna received a TikTok ban for nudity.
  • Jenna  has a house in Texas.
  • Shea began modelling when she was in her 20s.
  • Shea loves both dogs and cats.
  • Find her on Instagram @only1jshea